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Love Quotes for Valentine's day

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Valentine’s Day is a bit of a paradoxical holiday. We know that it’s cheesy, consumeristic… we swear that it doesn’t mean anything to us.

Yet, when the day comes, it’s hard not to want to go for dinner or celebrate the day in some way.

Why is that? Why do we insist on celebrating this Hallmark Holiday? It’s as simple as this: we love to love. Each and every one of us. Valentine’s Day represents something greater than itself, it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the love we have in our lives.

The experience of love is an incredibly special one. It’s one of life’s greatest experiences, after all, and one that is essential to the overall human experience.

The truth is that we need love. It satisfies so many of the needs we have that aren’t related to survival, like our need for food and water. Love is what nourishes the soul: it satisfies our craving for the touch of another person, for the sense of wellbeing that comes with the security of knowing we are loved by another, and it allows us to socialize and communicate with someone we fully trust.

Although not necessary for our physiological survival, love, in any form, helps us develop psychologically, and is just as vital to a life well-led as food, water, and physical activity.

Love deserves to be celebrated, as the authors of the quotes below can attest to. The authors of these quotes have so perfectly captured what love is like, it’s hard not to feel warm and fuzzy inside while reading them.

So this year, as Valentine’s Day rolls around, let’s not feel too guilty about wanting to celebrate. Instead, let’s give love the recognition it deserves. Let’s let ourselves feel the warm and fuzzy feeling that makes love unique.

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