What Do You Know About Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

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What do you know about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

With the world becoming connected to everything, having smartphones is the default now. It means today, possessing smartphones is as necessary as carrying money. But, the relevance of the web can still not be neglected. Also, the continued addition of new features and options is providing websites with capabilities to emerge as a complete digital ecosystem. These capabilities for a website are now introduced by Progressive Web Application (PWA), which can notably bolster the development time and the great value of similar apps.

What do you know about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

These techs are also emerging as a key strategic tool in the mobile and digital landscape. PWAs or Progressive Web Apps combine features that almost all the modern browsers can benefit and give users a better mobile experience. Though PWAs are regular web pages, they can easily be created to appear as traditional apps or native apps in users’ devices. They are the UXs that are reliable, fast, and engaging.

Key Features of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Here are the key features that PWAs are offering to the web and mobile app developers:

Ready for Search Engine

PWAs are the part of modern web development techniques. It means that it’s easy to leverage the same SEO tools that are used for the optimization of websites that are created with regularly web development approaches. Properly developed PWAs have been seen to rank properly on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

There are also many benefits that PWAs get from Google’s app indexing, that, of course, affect the placement or ranking of apps in the app store.

Home Screen App-Like Icons for Easy Launch

When a PWA is launched, it has the ability to add an icon to home screens of devices as similar as native apps do. This means users can start interacting with Progressive Web Apps just as they do with native apps.

Soon, PWAs can be added directly to computer’s desktop screen. Many PWAs can still run on a wide range of mobile devices like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows with a single code base. They are perfectly abiding by the concept of WORA; ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’.

What do you know about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Using Push Notifications Like Apps

PWAs can also support notifications similar to native applications. There are Push API and Notification API web specs for this purpose. Brands that have revenue generation goals can use push notifications through Progressive Web Apps. This provides another way to stay connected with customers.

Instant Updates, No Dependency

One of the top benefits of PWAs is that apps are updated automatically every time launched by users. There is no need of updating Progressive Web Apps like a native app as they are based on the web.

Smaller Footprint

PWAs are better for loading specific features users actually uses. They scale large singular install and significantly reduce the amount of data transmitted.

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