How to Use Rugs When Decorating

Written by Aara Jones
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How to Use Rugs When Decorating Your Home

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Decorating a child’s room can be full of challenges. For example, they will want a decorating scheme that they like, and they will also want the décor to not interrupt their play. This is where rugs comes in. If you have a rug in your child’s room, then you can ensure the carpet is protecting, and also that your little one is safe and protected whilst they play. There are some key considerations that you should take into account when choosing a rug for your kid’s room.

There are a host of practical considerations to think about when choosing a rug for your child’s room. For example, you will want a fiber (wool is an example) that will not irritate your little one’s skin, and that is not going to cause allergic reactions. Also, comfort is incredibly important. Kids can play rough, and you will want to ensure that in their rough and tumble, they will not hurt themselves.

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Thus, you will want to buy something soft and comfortable, particularly if they are crawling for the first time. However, perhaps the most important consideration (certainly for your dear daughter or son!) is the patterns and look of the rug. They will love a rug that pictures their favorite cartoon character, and you can even use a rug as part of your child’s play routine, as many you can even purchase rugs that include puzzles, or can be used as games boards.

Some Tips about Rugs

A rug can be the perfect addition to your kid’s bedroom: it can help to protect the rest of the décor, can stop your child from bumping themselves too hard during play, and it can also be used as part of the play. Such is the amount of choice, that the tips we have outlined below will give you some much-needed help in your search. Just make sure you get a rug that is washable!

For some more tips on buying the perfect rug for your child’s bedroom, take a look at the infographic below from our partners at

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