How to Hire Custom Printed Marquees

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How to Hire Custom Printed Marquees

Are you planning and outdoor even? Well, there is a probability for the environment to turn against you. In such a case, you would need a tenet so that the event continues seamlessly. Marquees are a great way to do the same. You can go fro the custom printed marquees. These are a great marketing tool and a way to customize the tent as per your requirement. Customization can be done for a company or private event. Since there are many companies providing custom printed marquees services, you must choose the one who is professional and do the work as are your requirements.

Tips to Follow with Custom Printed Marquees:

Mentioned below are simple things to consider before you hire Custom printed marquees from any company to ensure that you get the right deal & value of money.

Breakdown of The Complete Cost

If you are hiring custom printed marquees on rent, then make sure that once you finalize the company from who you want to buy, the marquee is ready to visit the site of an event before the final day. Every event, be it wedding or corporate, is unique and has its features that hosts want to be highlighted. It is essential for the company to visit the size and evaluate the location & check if it is a safe place to install the tent or not. Based on the visit, the company will analyze what is the right size often tenet and how much it will cost. This visit is the responsibility of the company, and one should make sure that they don’t charge anything for such a visit. If they are not enthusiastic about it, then you may give a second thought and look for some other company.

Print & Design

Custom Printed Marquees

Custom printed marquees come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and events. The primary reason for going ahead with customized marquees is that you are able to showcase your brand or logo, and hence it’s important that you must ask the company if they will be able to do customization as per your requirement or not. The design should be such that it complements the entire event and theme. You can select bright-colored prints for weddings and some sober and soft prints for corporate events. Copy of marquee will also present the taste of the event manager and host; thus, too gaudy prints and too countryside designs should be avoided unless it is the need for any event.


The size of the custom printed marquees should not be too large in case of a small number of guests, and it should not be too low. In both cases, the entire event will look messed up, especially if guests are too many to fit in the tent. This mess will also affect the reputation of the hosts and can ruin the entire event. Thus, before you hire the marquee, you should finalize your guest list and the extra space you need for the whole of the game. Make sure that you discuss the same with the vendor and they would be able to tell you the right size of the marquee. This will prevent last-minute hassle.


The reputation of the companies providing the custom printed marquees on rent should be checked beforehand. You check their online reviews and see what their customers are talking about them. You can also find out if their customers were happy with them or not. If answers to all your queries are definite, then go and finalize your deal.

Wrapping It Up

You can find a number of vendors offering custom printed marquees, but when it comes to choosing the one company that can fulfill your requirement can be a daunting task. The above-mentioned tips will help you in making the right decision when it comes to choosing the vendor for the custom printed marquee.

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