How to Get Back Your Ex-Boyfriend in 5 Simple Steps

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Many things may be responsible for a breakup and you may want to know how to get back your ex-boyfriend. Couples may break up over trust issues, religious or political differences, conflicting goals, or something as trivial as their turn to do the dishes. The list is endless and breakups are inevitable.

Now we all know the popular saying that one should never go back to one’s ex because it makes one look desperate and needy. Truthfully, it does appear so a lot of times. You’d get words of encouragement like- “he wasn’t a good fit for you”, “you deserve better”, or “you’ll be happier without him, trust me!”

But sometimes, people don’t want “better”, or “happier” if it involves falling in love all over again with another person. They simply just want their old lover.

If you find yourself longing to get back with your ex for the right reasons, it doesn’t make you needy. So, stop beating yourself up for it. Reading this blog can guide you on how to get back your ex-boyfriend. So, keep reading.

Tips on How to Get Back Your Ex-Boyfriend Fast

How to Get Back Your Ex-Boyfriend in 5 Simple Steps

Getting back with a past lover is not as difficult as people make it seem. Most times, people who struggle with this just didn’t go about it the right way or seek good counsel from relationship coaches or sites like Get Ex Back for Good website that gives healthy relationship advice. Since you can’t wait to get back with your “other half”, let’s look at five steps you should take to win over your lost boyfriend.

1. Give him space

You read that right. Give him space especially if he initiated the breakup. Allow him the chance to miss and want you back. If you go around tracking him down or sending him a gazillion apology messages, you’ll only worsen your chances of getting him back.

This is because you will come off as needy which isn’t an attractive trait and this will, in turn, confirm to him that he made the right choice of leaving. Remember, no one likes a needy partner.

This step is also important because it gives you time to reflect on yourself to see if you’ve developed some bad habits or behaviors that were not present at the beginning of the relationship. During this period, you can get rid of those habits before rekindling the lost spark.

2. Do not speak badly about him to others

You may not have been expecting a breakup and so, you may have been badly hurt. But however bad it feels, you should never speak badly about your ex to others behind his back especially if you have intentions of getting back with him.

Speaking badly about him to your friends behind his back lowers your self-esteem and reflects badly on your personality as a whole. If he finds out that you spilled secrets he shared with you when you were together, then it’s really over for you. To be fair, you wouldn’t get back with such a person either. You can check out this blog to learn about the effects of speaking badly about other people.

3. Do not play the “get him jealous game”

For most ladies, this is their first instinct after a breakup. They think by quickly hooking up with another guy, their ex would get jealous and run back into their arms. If you’re considering this lame game, throw the thought out the window because it never works. This is definitely not how to get back your ex-boyfriend, but how to lose him forever.

Your ex will read right through it and question why and how he fell in love with you in the first place. You wouldn’t want this as it would be game over for you.

4. Get busy with new activities

With your boyfriend temporarily unavailable, you are sure to get lonely if you do nothing about it but brood over how you miss him. In truth, exes keep tabs on their partners to get closure. They’ll follow up on their partner to see if they made the right choice to end it.

If they find out you’re learning a new skill, traveling, exploring a hidden passion of yours that you’ve both talked about, and living your best life without them, they’ll begin to feel like they made the wrong choice and want to get you back. Click here to find out interesting activities that you can take up.

On the other hand, if they gather that you’ve isolated yourself from the world as a result of the breakup, they’ll conclude that they made the right choice and move on forever.

5. Reach out to him

According to relationship experts, there is no recommended length of time to be apart from your partner after a breakup. A good rule of thumb is to reach out to your ex when you feel like you’ve worked on yourself enough and are ready to give your relationship another shot.

In reaching out to him, you could send him a short text or give him a call asking to meet over coffee. The idea is to make this reconnection as casual as possible and without any hint of desperation- although all of that should have been gone in your time apart from him, it doesn’t hurt to be a little more careful.


So, this is how to get back your ex-boyfriend fast and easy. If you’ve done the first four steps right, he’ll definitely agree to meet up. When you meet up, go straight and address what caused the breakup in the first place. That way, you’ll save both you and your partner a lot of awkwardness.

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