How to Find Free Campsite and Keep Costs Down on a Road Trip?

Written by Andy Glibert
4 · 24 · 19
How to Find Free a Campsite at Low Costs on a Road Trip?


We all love to enjoy outdoor adventure tours with friends and family. But it often makes us worried about the cost involved. When the summer holidays are about to come, there is no point in losing the opportunity to enjoy a camping trip with best buddies. However, it is always good to make efforts to save a few bucks.

You might have listed so many ideas for campsites and must be confused about how to choose the best one. Well, the great news is that you can find many free campsites to enjoy a memorable tour on the upcoming holidays. Luckily for most of us on a budget, the cost of a road trip can be reduced by a considerable amount, and you can save more without even compromising for comfort.

Below we have shared some ideas about how to find free campsites to reduce the overall cost of the road trip:

Camp on public lands:

The great news is that the United States has more than 250 million acres of land that is totally free for adventure lovers. You can choose any of them to roam around and sleep for free overnight. As all campsites in the country are not free, you can check these government authorized areas before planning your trip.

So if camping on public lands sounds appealing to you, be sure to grab your phone and connect to google maps and look for green areas as it signifies public land. Because the last thing you want to do as a happy camper is getting arrested for trespassing of property.

Last year, I was on a trip to Bishop Arts with family. The camping in Bishop Arts reminds me of childhood memories of sleeping in the cold fresh air and enjoying the food on a camp stove. Although there are many quality restaurants in Bishop arts, the pleasure of cooking is best.

Enjoy in the parking lot of Walmart:

Well, this idea may make you a little nervous at first, but once you enjoy a camping tour at this site, you would know how perfect this resource can be. But before you set up your tent, it is better to ask the manager and know if you are allowed to do so. As per the common scenario, they are always happy to see campers around. Moreover, parking near them can provide you extra security, and the best thing is that a well-managed bathroom is just a few steps away.

Plus. Just before you start your camping with friends or by yourself, then there’s no reason for you to worry about forgetting something. Foods, toiletries , waters and even first aid medicines is just around the corner.

Choose national forests:

You can sleep for free overnight at any national forest. You can simply talk to the local forest ranger and get permission for your camping hours. They can also help you know details about the area and may help to choose the best spot to have more fun with friends.

Dive Near Beach:

If you’re reason for taking a camp is to relax and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Why not setup your tents and camping van on the beach. Sitting back and enjoying the breeze and sound of ravishing wave that gets you into a relaxing mood.

Or if you’re in the mood for some physical activity. There’s countless of options you can do at  the beach. From swimming, building sand caslte with kids or playing beach volleyball on the sand.

Get an affordable off-roader:

One of the best solutions to make tour memorable and full of fun is traveling with an explorer camp trailer. It can be towed with any medium sized SUV and can offer you complete comfort at any desired camping site. These travel packs are quick and easy to set up, you will find them light to tow, and the best thing is that they come with enough storage space. You can easily load all your essentials to have a comfortable tour. Moreover, it also has a standard fridge box to ease your vacation on the peak summer heat.

If you’ve been planning in the past of being able to camp one day but your budget doesn’t permit. Then the solutions above makes things more affordable for you, family and friends. and do it whenever you want. So pack up your clothes, prepare your camping equipments and mark your calendar.

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