How to Decide a Menu for Dining – 6 Tips Offered by Experts

Written by Rohani Egbert
9 · 08 · 20
How to Decide a Dining Menu - 6 Tips Offered by Experts

Sharing good food over the table with family and friends is one of the best ways of spending quality time together. Often, people take an extra load to keep their houses and dining tables in perfect order while inviting others for dining. Although, these things have their importance from a hospitality perspective, yet, according to expert cooks, spending quality time together with healthy food and pleasing conversation is more important over anything else. Through a systematic approach, right framework, and keeping things simple for the dining menu, you can make your guests truly feel happy during and after the dining party.  

How to create a dining menu?

Due to improper planning and deep contemplation, creating a dining menu can appear to be a daunting task. But, it is not as difficult as it appears to be. Let’s have a look at the views of experts for deciding it with a rational approach.  

1. The number of guests:

First of all, count the number of people coming to the party arranged by you. If there are only 4 to 5 persons, you can think about a more complex dining menu. But, in case of more than this number, keep things simple with a few major food items.  

2. Type of occasion:

Think about the nature of the occasion. Is this an anniversary, birthday celebration, or a weekend party? The dishes are decided as per your guests’ tastes or likings. However, in case of holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving, or Good Friday, etc. the menu is themed traditionally. Also, take into account the form of gathering like – formal or casual.

3. Time of preparation:

How much time you have for preparing the meal is another critical factor for designing a menu. For example, if you are planning to invite the guests to a dinner party after your office hours, opting for dishes that take less time for cooking can be a good idea. But in case there are more than ten individuals, and you just have a few times left behind for the preparations, ordering online food from a reputable restaurant can be a better option. You can easily find better food cuisines easily, for example, you can take a peek here, to explore a wide range of delicious cuisines and beverages with enticing and appetizing features. From sweets to salad and sandwiches to pizza, you can choose anything that may best suit your requirements.

4. Level of budget:

Next, calculate the amount you can spend on the ingredients of a meal. The amount of your budget determines the elaboration and size of the dining menu to a great extent.  

5. Avoid repetition:

For a better dining experience, avoid including the same ingredients in different dishes. For example, it is not a very good option to offer a mango drink at a start, then add mangoes in salad and finally give mango pudding in the dessert. Give varieties of options related to meals.

6. Simplicity is valuable:

Don’t be shy to choose a simple dish in which you have the expertise of cooking. It is because many times, an ordinary cuisine prepared tactfully with delicious ingredients is more appreciated than complicated meals.    

According to a writer and cook Diana Henry- Food is never just-food. It affects all parts of our lives. Cooking by heart instead of ideas, making preparations ahead of time, and offering everything with love, can leave memorable impressions on your guests’ minds for years.  

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