How Technology Is Making Learning Easier

Written by Aara Jones
4 · 09 · 21

Technology and teaching innovators are taking technology to the next level through advanced applications. Students are beginning to use technology for more than word processing and power points. Software programs give students the ability to learn at their level rather than the average level of the class. Therefore, technology is making learning easier. This adaptive technology allows teachers to transition the burden of learning to the student.

Students learn more when they get to engage in the content rather than “learning” it second hand from a rambling professor. Data science is improving learning for students at all levels. The individual focus of these learning programs helps students to get more out of their education and facilitates an easier learning path for students at all levels.

How Technology is Making Learning Easier

More Resources Are Available

Technology is making learning easier because it gives students access to almost all of the material they need to research any topic. Programs like IXL and PurpleMath are great resources for students who are struggling to grasp math concepts. These apps can take a student from basic addition to top levels of calculus. In addition to lessons, they have thousands of practice problems for students to build their skills. These are great tools to help students further their education but can be detrimental to students’ education if they use the tools improperly.

Students Need to Be More Intentional About Their Learning

Resources aren’t the same thing as answers. Students can easily find answers to historical events, math problems, and what in the world Shakespeare was talking about. Teachers are aware of these resources and can easily identify the students who can look up answers but don’t understand the topic. Students need to be taught how to use these resources to learn rather than complete their work.

Teachers Need to Retire Textbooks for Modern Teaching Methods

Textbooks in schools are often outdated and incredibly expensive to replace. Switching to modern learning programs can save school districts significant sums while providing superior teaching. Online learning programs engage students at their level, making them superior to textbooks that use the one size fits all approach. It is becoming evident with each development that technology is making learning easier.

Tailored learning gives students at the top and bottom of the classroom the ability to learn at their level. Students at the top of their class can move on to more complicated applications while struggling students get more practice building their foundational skills. The whole class will experience growth instead of the middle 50 percent.

Students Will Have More Autonomy in Their Learning

College students are using the information available to them to blaze their own educational paths. Students no longer have to subscribe to the traditional path of graduating high school, going to college, and then getting a full-time job. Four years is a big commitment in anyone’s life, and many people don’t even stay in the same industry for four years. Online learning and trade schools give students and career changers the ability to quickly learn skills and start working in a new industry.

Technology Makes It Easier to Find Niche Majors

Students are often pigeonholed into psychology and communications majors because universities in their local area, or price range, don’t offer the specific degrees they want to pursue. Unique concentrations like forensic psychology and music business aren’t widely available in schools across the country. Students can find online schools that offer courses in their desired field or obtain professional certificates from the best online certificate programs that can be found on Bootcamprankings.

Students getting to study what they want increases their chance for success. The general education requirements are often detrimental to learners who don’t need to take college algebra for their English Lit or Poly Sci major. The focus on relevant skills at trade schools and certificate programs keeps students invested. We need to appreciate how technology is making learning easier.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) give students the ability to take classes from the top universities in the subjects that are important to them. These courses range from computer science to anthropology. Harvard and other Ivy League schools offer free online modules for a wide variety of online courses. These online courses are created by professors at the top of their respective fields and often rival the in-person education students would receive at their local universities.

Students Are in Charge of their Educational Destiny

Technology is making learning easier by giving students the ability to shape their own education. Students will get more out of their educational journey with access to more quality forms of education. The best online universities offer students the chance to earn bachelor’s degrees from institutions with better name recognition than smaller local and private schools. Students today are in a better position than at any point in history.

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