Four Reasons Why Work-Life Balance Is So Critical

Written by Aara Jones
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Four Reasons Why Work-Life Balance Is So Critical

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Medical professionals will tell you that a work-life balance (i.e. a balance between your work and your personal life) can lead to happiness and good health. But too many of workers today lean too far in the direction of work, answering calls and emails after hours, and putting in extra time on the weekend, making an appropriate balance between work and priorities outside of work much more difficult to keep.

With this in mind, here are some of the advantages of a proper work-life balance, and reasons why this balance is so important to maintain.


Advantages of a Proper Work-Life Balance

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Stress reduction:

It might take a few days, but the pressures of work will eventually fade when you take time away from work, such as a vacation. Taking a break allows you to see the big picture and realize that life is about more than just work.

Health benefits:

Many of today’s stressed workers have bad habits, such as eating junk food for lunch and not exercising sufficiently. According to Lifehack, a study by the State University of New York at Oswego found that men who go on vacation reduce their overall risk of dying by 20%.

Increased happiness:

A Dutch study found that vacationers seem to be happier as compared to non-vacationers. This usually leads to their break. However, when they get back, the difference in the level of happiness of the people in these two groups is very little. But relaxing vacations tended to have longer happiness effects, up to eight weeks in some cases. The study also found that if your goal is to improve happiness, is it is better to take two or three short breaks during the year, rather than taking one big vacation.

Productivity improvement:

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are known for working hard and long. However, even they need to spend quality time away from work. Matt Choi of Certus Trading changed his trading strategy so it better suited his lifestyle, which includes frequent travel.

“For my wife and me, one of our goals as parents is to travel around the world with our son and help him become a global citizen,” Matt Choi said in an interview. “I think it is very important to expose the next generation to different cultures so they can learn to understand and respect all human beings even if others have different beliefs and values than us.”

As the experience of Certus Trading’s Matt Choi suggests, exposure to other cultures is another positive offshoot to taking a vacation as part of a well-established work-life balance. As well as seeing how others live in different parts of the world, travel can open your mind to new possibilities. Being away from work, helps you look at life from a more holistic angle. Learning about new cultures can change your perspective and help you in your job as well as your daily life.

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