How to Fix a Dry Scalp in the Winter

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12 · 11 · 17
How to Fix a Dry Scalp in the Winter | Lifestyle Glitz

A dry scalp always makes you feel like trouble. The truth is that a dry scalp is really a serious problem for you. The question is how to fix a dry scalp well. This article will give you some helpful suggestions to fix it.

You cannot live with a dry scalp. Natural remedies are a friendly method to help you fix a dry scalp safety at home. This approach is not only easy but is affordable also.

#1 Using Tea Tree to Fix a Dry Scalp

Tea tree is easy to find. You can buy them at the market easily. For quick relief from a dry scalp you need the tea tree oil and shampoo. When you have a bath, brush your hair with some tea tree oil drops along with a suitable shampoo. You should do this twice or thrice a week. Tea tree has been a wonderful treatment and safe medicine for dry scalp and damaged hair for a long time. It limits the development of dry scalp, reduces the itchy and flake, even prevents your hair from bacteria.

#2 Using Apple Juice for Treat Dry Scalp

This natural therapy requires using two or three spoons of apple juice and one cotton ball. Applying apple juice on your hair and massage your hair with your fingers for a litter time. Then pour apple juice on the hair and keep the fruit juice on the hair in 20 minutes. This works great for the health of the hair. Use this therapy to fix the dry scalp twice a week. Apple juice makes your hair stronger and healthier because your hair is often supplied vitamin. It is a safe way and easy to carry out.

#3 Using Coconut or Olive Oil

You only need some drops of coconut or olive oil for your hair. Oil keeps your hair moisturized and fresh. It is important to keep oil drops on your hair in 20 minutes twice or third a week and then wash your hair with warm fresh water. It is one of the best ways to fix a dry scalp.

#4 Using Lemon

Just like coconut, lemon is good to fix a dry scalp. It is easy to buy at any supermarket. It is also a familiar fruit with people. Besides, it is safe for your skin and your hair. You also need some drops of lemon oil and about three cups of water. Pour it into your hair and let it stay for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with warm water. It is sure to fix a dry scalp quickly.

#5 Using Egg and Yogurt

It is necessary to use egg and yogurt for dry scalp. Egg and yogurt are good remedies to fix or treat dry scalp because they contain much protein and vitamin. These materials are helpful for your hair, especially in winter. The cold weather causes dry scalp so you need one cup of yogurt and one egg for one wash. Mix them together and put them on your hair in 20 minutes. Then you wash your hair with fresh water.

#6 Using Egg with Olive Oil

Similarly, egg and olive oil are also perfect for your hair. The results of using egg with olive oil or egg with yogurt vary with each kind of the hair. Egg mixes with olive oil is a good way to treat your hair if your hair gets much itchy and flaky. Olive oil is easy to fix a dry scalp in the western country and easy to find. It is in high production and has been famous as a natural remedy for thousands of years.

#7 Using Some Drinks Such Soda

Besides fruits such as lemon, coconut, and olive, some drinks fix a dry scalp like soda. These drinks contain some elements for treating dry scalp. Some people can use these drinks to brush their hair every day to get rid of the dry scalp. Then clean their hair with warm fresh water.

To conclude, you should choose natural oils to fix a dry scalp. Natural oils are not only perfect for your hair but are also safe for the delicate skin on the scalp. It is essential for your hair to treat or fix the dry hair to moisturize it. It makes your hair stronger and soft. It can also prevent bacteria, itch, flaking, and other diseases. When you have the best way to solve this problem, you will become confident and comfortable with the fixed hair.

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