Few Advantages and Tips for Using Crafty Vaporizer!

Written by Aara Jones
11 · 09 · 19
Few Advantages and Tips for Using Crafty Vaporizer!

The crafty vaporizer is the advanced portable vaporizer, which connects through Bluetooth to your mobile phone. It is one of the most advanced high-tech and pocket-friendly vaporizers. This vaporizer has German-engineered design, and it is the only vaporizer that functions on a wireless Bluetooth smartphone application. You can utilize the application to communicate with the crafty and make adjustments that you like, such as the Led indicator, pre-set temperatures, vibration alert, etc.

An interesting feature of the crafty vaporizer is that it has only one button. It makes the usage simple and utilizes two programmable set temperatures. The vaporizer is pre-set with the fundamental temperature of 180 Degree Celsius and the booster temperature of 195 Degree Celsius. The booster temperature is used when you require shifting up a gear. You can adjust both these temperatures through the free crafty smartphone application as per your desire.

What Are the Advantages of The Crafty Vaporizer?

Some of The Advantages of These Vaporizers Are as Follows:

  • It offers unparalleled performance with the best quality of vapor
  • The free smartphone application offers access to features which are not available with other kinds of portables
  • To obtain optimal results, adjustable heat settings are offered
  • The quality is the same as that of the larger desktop vaporizer
  • It has vented durable plastic body which does not heat due to vape
  • The vaporizer has vibration indicators that give you a notification when it is ready and before shutting down.
  • What are the tips for using a crafty vaporizer?
  • To use the vaporizer effectively following are some of the tips that can benefit you to a great extent t:
  • Assemble your vaporizer properly

You need to ensure that the vaporizer does not have any residue left, which might clog the system. This can lead to unclean and inefficient vaporizing. There is a wear and tear kit available, which you can use at any point in time. It comprises of the brush that can make the procedure simple. You can also make use of pin for collecting the residue. Make sure that you clean the outside part of the chamber through the alcohol wipe.

Ensure the Battery Is Completely Charged

In case you try to start a session with a low battery, the crafty vaporizer will not heat up fast or it might not be able to gain the temperature required for a good vape. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that the crafty is properly charged before using it. With a properly charged battery, you will get a great vaping experience.

Properly Fill Your Vaporizer

You must fill your vapor properly. It helps the herb to get the right amount of coverage through the heat, which helps in getting the best vapor. For loading up your crafty properly, you just need to twist the top leaving the chamber inside. After this, you need to place the dry and fine ground herb in the chamber and twist the top back. Make sure that you do not fill the chamber tightly as this will lessen down the efficiency of the vapor.

Consider the Water Tool

When you purchase this vaporizer, you can check out the water tool accessory. There are several benefits of using this accessory. It helps in getting smooth and cool vapor before it reaches your mouth. In addition, it helps in filtering your vapor and removing harmful carcinogens and chemicals. If you are planning to buy this accessory, then you will be required to buy an adaptor along with it.

These are some of the tips that can assist you in using crafty vaporizer effectively.

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