Explore the Best Way to Travel Shimla & Manali with Volvo

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Explore the Best Way to Travel Shimla & Manali with Volvo

Himachal is a backpacker’s dream destination; it is also a good place to travel on a tight budget by opting for a Manali Volvo package. When it comes to the experience we want to spend more on adventures and the view rather than on tedious and overpriced journeys. To minimize the cost and maximize the experience of a travel, getting a Volvo is the best mode of transportation when it comes to the Himalayas. Delhi being the capital of India is also the gateway to the journey for the mountains.

Pre-book your Volvo bus from Delhi to Shimla or book one directly from the ISBT (Interstate bus terminal) located at the Kashmiri Gate. Use the ever convenient metro to Kashmiri Gate to get there, or you could take help from agents. There are buses from Delhi to Shimla and Manali.

Fun Volvo Rides

A wide price range is available depending on the kind of luxurious Volvo you prefer. Do not worry about the comfort. You’ll be provided with water, some snacks and a quilt for your journey, charging facilities and lights for reading as well. You will have a fun journey.

As the Volvo starts cruising its way through the crowded streets of New Delhi you’ll be in a state of serenity, to see the busy city life fading away with the distance. You’ll be arriving at Chandigarh more or less four hours later. You’ll get to stop for some food at a highway Dhaba. The delicious mouth-watering desi food served will satiate your hunger and make you drowsy for the rest of the journey.

On the Way to Shimla

If you’re headed for Shimla, you’ll be going through the Kalka Highway. Slowly the long broad roads of Chandigarh will be fading too and the lush green valleys of the Himachal will be rising from the horizon.

If you’re lucky enough to get a window seat, the view is spectacular.

  • Along the way, you’ll see villagers plowing their grasslands.
  • Travelers stopping by a tea stall for a warm cup of tea.
  • Locals gawking at the distance.
  • You’ll notice a change in the flora and fauna as you ascend, the short fields will slowly turn into beautifully organized pine ridges.
  • Though your Volvo will be air-conditioned you can still feel the change of weather. You’ll see eucalyptuses jutting out here and there too.
  • As you’re about to reach Shimla, you’ll notice monkeys with their babies on their backs looking at the humans in awe or confusion.

You will love the journey itself. This is why taking a bus is such a good idea.

Welcome to Shimla

In approximately seven to eight hours, you will be reaching Shimla. As you step into the bus station, the fresh air will feel magnificent on your face, the cool weather, the calm feel of peacefulness and vibrant smiles on other tourists and on yourself is quite evident.

Once you’re in Shimla, check into your lodge and take a warm cup of coffee, freshen up and take some rest until you’re ready to carry on this adventure. Stroll through the mall road of Shimla. Small shops and bookstores are in full view from where you can buy unique things. Woolen clothes and cute woolen socks are a must-have.

Visit the nearby cafes with good music and delicious food. This peaceful ambiance can only be found in hill stations and Shimla is a special one. Try different cuisines like Chinese and Thai.

Create an Itinerary

You can go for sightseeing the next day too. Here is what you can do:

  • Places like Kufri is an ideal point for paragliding and skiing.
  • There is Jankoo Temple, with the world’s largest Hanuman statue. This mammoth of a statue looks upon the town with absolute pride and divinity.

8 hours from Shimla, a place called Shogi offers a plethora of activities like:

  • Balancing
  • Burma Bridge
  • Commando Net
  • Jumaring
  • Rappelling, Zip Line
  • Ring Walk
  • Rock Climbing
  • Sleuth Walk
  • Tarzan Swing
  • Tire walk
  • Trampoline
  • Valley Crossing.

More Options

There are other sightseeing options for you at Shimla like:

  • Tara Devi Temple
  • Retreat Building, which is an official abode for the President of India at Shimla
  • The Himachal State Museum, where you can admire ancient coins, handicrafts and other collectibles to connect more with the pahari culture.
  • Green Valley, a beautiful mountain range to stop by on the way to Kufri.
  • Guruduwara Sahib for some devotion.
  • Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary where animals like monkeys, jackals, leopards, and barking deer are commonly sighted.
  • Himalayan Bird Parkwhere you can get lucky to find the Himachal state bird, Montal Pheasant.

Tattapani, Chail, Christ Church and Mashobara are also good sightseeing options if you have time on your hands.

Check out Manali

If you’ve availed the Manali Volvo package, the experience is not too different from Shimla except, Manali is a bit more luxurious and romantic. There is a lesser crowd. It might be a tad bit more expensive than Shimla when it comes to the lodging though. The view makes it totally worth it. The snow-capped mountains are much more nearer and the gigantic peaks are so close to you, you would want to reach out and touch it.

Beas river is also an amazing place to laze around, sit on the banks with some hot food and card games to play with your children or friends. Thrill-seekers can go for the challenging river rafting.

You won’t run out of sightseeing options at Manali. This place is absolutely alluring. The famous Rohtang Pass which is just 50kms from Manali is a snow craver’s dream come true. The entire pass is covered in snow. People are making snow statues, throwing snowballs at each other, sledding and skiing are common activities done here. The beauty of this place justifies the hype.

The beautiful scenery you witness along the way is a picture perfect, a photographer’s dream come true. Dreamers, tourists, photographers, stargazers, the romantics and the nomads, everyone is flocked around in the beautiful hills of Shimla and Manali.

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