Everything You Should Know About Aluminum Windows

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5 · 04 · 20
Everything You Should Know About Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are generally considered cold and unsuitable for use in residential buildings. Nevertheless, the latest innovative solutions in the production of aluminum windows are ready to surprise even the most demanding user with aesthetic properties and heat-saving parameters.

Projects of modern houses are distinguished by amazing architectural solutions, but in technical terms, they should meet the modern requirements of functionality and energy efficiency. Aluminum profile systems allow the creation of window structures with various methods of opening and in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and models. They also guarantee high performance associated with thermal insulation, noise insulation or protection against burglary. In this article, we will tell you everything you should know about aluminum windows.

Insulation of aluminum windows

Aluminum is lightweight (three times lighter than steel) and durable material at the same time. It is suitable for structures with a large glazing area. It doesn’t require the use of reinforcement, so aluminum profiles can be narrower. They have a chamber construction, the same as that of PVC profiles.

There are two types of aluminum profile systems, warm and cold. The first is completely made of aluminum and have low thermal insulation. As a rule, unheated constructions of winter gardens, glazing of balconies or verandas are made of them.

For the production of warm windows, a profile consisting of two aluminum elements connected by a thermal gasket is used. This allows you to create a thermal barrier due to which aluminum profiles will have better insulation. Cold aluminum profiles usually have one camera.

Recently, modern aluminum profiles with high thermal performance have appeared on the market. Previously, such insulation could only be achieved for windows with wooden or PVC profiles. However, they don’t provide as many structural possibilities as aluminum. This gave the way for the use of aluminum windows in energy-efficient construction.

Shape and dimensions

Aluminum gives freedom to create windows of various shapes. Profiles can be bent to form an arch and can almost arbitrarily be combined into various architectural ensembles. Modern technologies make it possible to design aluminum windows with various ways of opening and in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Oversized patio lift-and-slide doors with appropriate fittings can have a leaf weight of up to 880 pounds and a maximum size of up to 106 inches in height and 1273 inches in width. The movable sash should slide behind the blind sash. This means that you can get a glass surface of up to 2559 inches. Modern manufacturers of aluminum systems are also ready to provide customized solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of a particular building.

Aesthetic appearance

Through the use of aluminum as a structural material, the aesthetic appearance of the window is achieved and maintained for a long time. Aluminum profiles can be painted in various ways:

1. Anodizing in metallic colors

The profiles are usually dark brown, gold or natural colors. During anodizing, a strong oxide layer is formed. It hermetically cuts off the air supply to aluminum, as a result of which reliable protection against corrosion is provided. The anodized surface can be subjected to further processing (polishing or grinding).

2. Powder coating method

The drying process takes place at high temperatures, so these aluminum profiles are more resistant to corrosion or accidental scratches than anodized ones. Typical varnish colors are white and brown, for others you usually have to pay additionally. It is possible to paint profiles in colors that imitate different types of wood.

3. Laminating with plain or wood-like films

Laminated windows are an interesting solution from a design point of view with similar properties as film for PVC profiles. This range covers not only windows but also doors that are also laminated with the same colors as the PVC profile systems. With this solution, the entire system of supplied windows and doors for one house can look the same. This means that the exterior and interior will be designed in the same color scheme.

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