Essential Tips for Camping in Rainy Weather

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Essential Tips for Camping in Rainy Weather

The right gear and some careful planning would ensure that you and your companions have more fun. Here are some essential tips for camping in rainy weather.

Lifestyle Glitz - Camping in Rainy Weather

Camping in nature is a refreshing experience for the soul. There can’t be anything better than resting under the moonlight, enjoying the fresh breath, wild air, and listening to the silence. Camping is a classic activity and it’s a great way to spend quality time with your family or friends enjoying the outdoors. There’s no denying that camping does take quite a lot of planning and vitality. However, there are lots of ways to make camping easier, less demanding and in this way more fun!

Let us dive into our essential tips for camping in rainy weather:

Surrounding of Tent:

Check the surroundings where you wish to place the tent. It is a bad idea to camp under tree branches because they could fall during a storm and slopes. Additionally, check for signs of flooding that may have occurred before. It is good to avoid a sleep out at the peak geographical point while camping in rainy weather because of lightning.

Carry Plastic Bags:

Make sure you pack the clothing and gear in plastic bags of different sizes. Large trash bags and overwhelming zip locks make it possible to cover anything. Surely, the gallon zip locks are very handy. Use a water-resistant bag pack that comes with a cover, so that you will have a double waterproof layer.

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Waterproofing Spray:

A rainy day would ruin your mood, but it must not make you cancel your plans for camping in rainy weather. With some rain-resistant clothing and some waterproof gear, you can stay comfortable on the trip. Pick up NeverWet Truworth Spray and spray over the whole tent. Not all tents in stores come with proper seals, so when you buy one, spray over it.

Sleeping Bag:

Always pick the perfect sleeping bag. Down is not worth it when it is wet and drying it can be difficult. A good synthetic bag keeps you safe from the cold when wet and it dries rapidly.

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Consider Cooking:

Cooking food in rainy condition is really challenging. It may take several hours to burn wood. Therefore, you must carry the little amount of kerosene or petrol so that you can burn wet-wood and wet-grass easily even in rainy conditions. Also, it is recommended to carry lighter gas when camping in rainy weather.

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Carry Old Newspaper or Cloth:

Pack some newspaper and towels at whatever point to mop up rainwater. These can be very useful when rainwater coming inside the tent. You can use them to stop as well as mop water. The biggest advantage of carrying old newspaper is you can use them to soak water from wet shoes.

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Alert while Climbing:

Always be alert while because chances of slipping are really high in the rainy season because of wet rocks, muddy trails, and grassy or mossy. It is good to avoid climbing as much as possible. Always wear shoes that are particularly made of climbing.

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Last Note:

Monsoon is only the season in which most of the people go to hill stations, they think about camping, want to enjoy watersports, and more. If you are thinking that the rainy season is full of hassles for camping then you are wrong! You can make your camping in rainy weather mind-blowing by planning.

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