Eclectic Interior Design: How to Get It Right

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Eclectic Interior Design: How to Get It Right

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Eclectic interior design has gained much popularity lately as it offers a lot of freedom of expression and almost no limits when it comes to themes, styles, and objects. To a layman, eclectic décor might seem like a mere bunch of things thrown together that somehow magically works. In reality, pulling off a great eclectic interior can prove to be quite challenging, as it’s not just about mismatched furniture and chaos of genres and objects.

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The essence of eclectic interior design lies in its cohesiveness and tasteful unity of different object that all come together in harmony. It’s about a juxtaposition of colors, styles, and textures that produce a beautiful room where all elements complement each other. It’s also about experimentation and having fun. If you love a layered look and have a taste for various epochs and style, eclectic style is your best choice. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll have it done right in your own home.

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Choose a Colour Palette

Going with a simple, neutral core color palette is a great way to start building your design. As you add pieces into the room, you’ll be adding to the core and neutrals will provide a great calming background to lay over. With a combination of one neutral hue and one accent color, you’ll avoid an erratic and overbearing feel. As for the walls, keep them simple as they will be the base for your curated interior. Dark colors provide more depth, lighter colors add a calm note and exposed brick or plasters contribute to the textural variety.

Play with Patterns and Textures

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With eclectic interior design, your personality can freely come through so you can be more daring with both patterns and textures. Feel free to play with them and mix and match styles that seem as if they would never fit together. Continue with your initial color palette but do disrupt the space with unusual and unexpected patterns, and pair items that oppose each other. For instance, mix geometric shapes with fleur-de-lis or polka dots to create a light-hearted atmosphere and add elements of surprise and mischief. Also, use area rugs of various sizes and designs, such as faux fur or gorgeous Moroccan rugs, to create both a layered look and add more texture and warmth to the room.

Another useful design trick to achieve a richer feel is to place soft textures alongside hard ones, like a velvet sofa with silk cushions and an industrial coffee table, and smooth surfaces alongside rough ones, when you combine marble with wood.

Use the Walls to Enhance Eclectic Interior Design

When designing an eclectic interior, it’s best to keep walls simple so you can use them as a foundation to bring out the eclectic décor and add interest elsewhere. A patterned wallpaper can come off as heavy whereas a plain neutral wall gives you much more freedom to play with accessories. However, this doesn’t mean your walls need to stay exclusively white. Both dark and light colors work very well – lighter colors will make the room appear larger and fresher and dark colors add depth and character.

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One way you can still utilize the walls without making the design too heavy is creating a gallery wall. It gives you a unique opportunity to mix and match different picture frames, play with styles, dimensions, and colors and create a personalized space with a ton of interest.

Mix Up Your Furniture

Mixing and matching your furniture is one of the best ways to achieve an eclectic vibe in general. Any room will come to life with a joyous mix the old and new, and the classic and modern. Think in terms of a modern lounge chair next to an Indian carved coffee table, a crystal chandelier and sleek contemporary sofa, or an Art Deco mirror above a Victorian fireplace. Take advantage of the pieces you already have in your home and marry objects that seem unmatchable at first glance.

Eclectic interior design is all about originality and personal expression, so let your imagination run wild and feel free to experiment and have fun!

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