Dubai Flying Taxi Undergoes Its First Test Ever

Written by Aara Jones
9 · 28 · 17
Dubai Flying Taxi - Its First Test Ever | Lifestyle Glitz

Dubai flying taxi proves that the country made no jokes when it expressed the desire to be one of the first countries to introduce a passenger drone. Therefore, on 25 September, Monday, an initiatory test flight arranged for one of the prospective taxis took place.

Backed by a German company named Daimler, and manufactured by the Volocopter, a German firm, the Autonomous Air Taxi (AAT) is a beauty in its own. The flying beast is a two-seater, 18-rotor, and uses electric power to function. The great flying taxi does not require the facilities of a human being to fly it. The best part is that it is ecologically friendly therefore decreasing the risk of destroying the environment.

The First Flight

Dubai Officials stated that their target was to start the testing phase before the beginning of 2018 and thus, they managed to make it before their deadline. The Autonomous Air Taxi had the honor of carrying the Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai for its test flight which lasted for a full five minutes. The Dubai flying taxi, which resembles a helicopter as it moves in the sky; was at a distance of 200 meters from land. A clip exhibiting this test flight shows the ingenious creation moving about effortlessly above the horizon before the magnificent, Burj Khalifa.

The Future of the Dubai Flying Taxi

Although it was a short demonstration, Dubai together with the Volocopter has great plans. They aim to provide a flying experience, which lasts for a fun 30 minutes with a great speed of 31 mph i.e. 50 km/h (cruising speed) and 62 mph i.e. 100 km/h (airspeed).

A trip this long would be appropriate for short-distance trips to the other side of the city. Their target also includes making it easily accessible to hail a flying taxi. Like booking a regular taxi to call the Dubai flying taxi, all a person will have to do is book one from the app and then wait for it at the “Voloport” in your vicinity.
Moreover, keeping the safety concerns of their valued passengers in mind, they have decided to keep sufficient spare material in the Autonomous Air Taxi. This spare material includes rotors, nine batteries, and even a few parachutes. Each of these batteries requires 120 complete minutes to charge, however, the Government of Dubai ensures that in the final, tested model of the taxi, charging time will be shrunk noticeably.

The CEO of Volocopter, Florian Reuter states that this prototype relies on GPS tracks to fly. In the coming times, the company’s goal is to execute a complete sense expertise in the taxi as well. This will avoid harmful accidents with birds or even other flying taxis and provide a safe flying experience.

2022; the Year to Look Forward To

Newsweek said that the Dubai flying taxi has yet to go through a five-year trial and testing phase. The Civil Aviation Authority and Road Transport Authority of the Emirates will oversee this. Perhaps, after successful testing, the people of Dubai will be able to soar high in the sky!

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