Dominant Trends Followed by Modern Flooring Designers

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11 · 01 · 18
Dominant Trends Followed by Modern Flooring Designers

The floor is one of the most specific requirements of a room décor. Trends in the market change constantly with the change in taste and preferences of the consumers. Technological developments in the flooring industry have brought about changes ranging from ebony and driftwood finishes to perfectly designed imperfections like knots and streaks as well as faux flooring. The most recent trend in the modern flooring designers market is tile fittings with the wooden look and finish.

Speaking of home flooring, one can explore a wide range of options and making the right choice can be a tricky job in hand. Not only the type that matches the decor of the room is important, but it is also important to consider the various materials with their advantages and disadvantages carefully.

Trends Modern Flooring Designers Follow

Apart from that, there are budget and maintenance considerations. Whether building a new home or renovating an old one, requirements can vary for different living spaces.

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Fumed Wood Floor:

Known for its strong coloration and grain, this type of wood does not stain in the process, whereas most other types of wood do. Fuming is a process where the wood gets exposure to gaseous ammonia, used to stain the wood by letting it react with the gas. Modern flooring designers make use of this process to change the color of the wood and the final finish depends on factor like the wood quality, the reactive environment of the gas chamber etc.

This means that similar pieces of wood also will end up having unique hues. Fuming delivers much darker tones, enhancing the natural grain of the raw material, which is quite different from the effect of staining by applying liquid ammonia to the wood.

Bleached Wood Floor:

Some homeowners prefer the slightly soft white bleached floor to the glossy wooden finish. Bleaching or blanching is a process of applying a chemical to the wood surface to fade the color away. The color refers to the outer artificial staining and not the natural tone of the material. Beaching process gives a grey-white washed visual, at the same time keeping the natural grain of the wood clearly visible.

Distressed Wood Floor:

One of the most recent trends in the modern flooring designers market, this is also known as luxury aged flooring design. Distressed flooring involves the use of various artificial styling and aging processes to give a rustic look. The process followed varies depending on the degree of worn or distress look is desirable by the homeowners. Some example may be like scrapping the edges of the planks by hand, the addition of swirl makings, scrapping the glossy top coat to add a worn look.

Textured Tile Floor: 

Textured tiles, a most recent trend followed by modern flooring designers are a development on the smooth and glossy porcelain tiles, however, without the gloss and glass-like texture and smoothness. Thanks to technological developments, textured tiles come in a variety ranging from porcelain wood tiles, resembling wood in terms of color hues and the pattern of the grain and porcelain stone tiles that are very close to natural stones in terms of color and feel.

Graphic Tile Floor:

For homeowners with a different taste for their flooring idea, this option gives the opportunity to trendy modern flooring designers to use the floor as an art canvas. Making use of modern technology, now it is possible to replicate numerous patterns and images, even 3D images on these tiles. Cascading waterfalls to dolphins playing in the river, the choice seems endless.

After reading this article you must have understood that nowadays not a single homeowner, want to have traditional flooring in his/her home. Everyone wants unique flooring material with specialized texture and designs. You should read this guide before going for any option because it can guide you thoroughly about choosing the best modern flooring trends.

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