Do Not Get Worried At The Face Deformity Of Your Child

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Do Not Get Worried At The Face Deformity Of Your Child

The word cleft denotes a particular defect occurred at the time of birth and it is observed in the form of a tiny notch or a total split of the lips and it is extended up to the nose at the base area. In a similar way, the palate can be on one or both sides of the upper portion of the mouth. It is also another kind of face deformity developed at the time of birth. Within ten weeks of pregnancy, the tissues relating to upper jaw, mouth, and nose are supposed to get fused or come together to provide the right shape to mouth and the upper lip. Such defects occur when these parts mentioned above do not come together. The various problems faced by the children with such defects include problem during feeding, the issues relating to speech, infections in the ear, missing teeth hearing and psychological problems.

The Period of Surgery

The doctors trace out the reasons as being either genetic or the influence of any medicines. The usual procedure of the surgery initiates with the provision general anesthesia to the child, then the surgeon tidy the tissues and sew up the lip with the use of advanced instruments. The doctors advise the need for surgery of the palate to be carried out only when the child is at least nine months old. The first type of surgery is carried out when the child is at least ten weeks old and in the process, the deformity of the nostril is also taken into consideration. This country has the best and internationally reputed surgeons to carry out such procedure with the help of state of the art medical infrastructure. The formalities before the surgery include blood tests, a compilation of complete medical history, a thorough physical examination, consultation with the doctor with relation allowable medications and provision of complete information.

The Reconstruction Process

The surgery is suggested at the third month after the birth and the prominent anatomic areas and the incisions are marked by powerful chemical ink after the anesthesia is administered. Certain drainage tubes are inserted in relation to cleft lip and palate surgery in India and the various surgical technique for reconstruction are applied. A particular technique is applied where the complete channel of the upper portion of a lip is rotated and the adjustments are made accordingly. This procedure initiated by making an incision on the edge of the cleft and it extends up to the upper part of the jaw. The deformity with relation to the nose can be reconstructed by a similar type of procedure. The post surgery care primarily takes into account the nutritional factor in Nursing Majors in North GA. It is also very important the area where the surgery been performed is cleansed regularly to avoid the possibility of any infection. The doctors suggest application of ointment in the area of surgery.

The Global Feeling on Face Deformity

It is a sheer fact that has been thoroughly   recognized globally that this country homes the best kind of medical hub which provide a high quality of service with adequate excellent success rate and that too at reasonable price. With respect of every sphere of surgery including that under discussion and medical treatment as a whole, this country is way ahead.

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