Different Ways to Give to Charity

Written by Aara Jones
4 · 09 · 19
Different Ways to Give to Charity

In order to be charitable, you do not need to have a huge amount of disposable income. If you want to help others and make the world a better place, you can give to charity without hurting your budget. Here are a few ways in which you can help others.

1. Give your time

Many organizations have volunteering opportunities where you can donate your time. It is an ideal way to give to charity and contribute to the community and it can be as valuable as cash donations. There are organizations, which are always looking out for people to help them and if you have spare time, donate your time.

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2. Donate your skills

If you are passionate about something and have a special skill like photography, teaching, cooking, then, to give to charity, you can provide your services to an organization of your choice. Many non-profit organizations have special needs but are unable to afford dedicated professionals for the same.

3. Donate your stuff

A lot of organizations in the country accept goods, including clothes, shoes, furniture, and cars. Most of us have a lot of stuff we want to get rid of, consider giving them to organizations like  https://mersgoodwill.org/ instead of simply throwing it out.

4. Organize a drive

If you have the passion and the time but not enough money, you can consider organizing a drive to gather donations for an organization. You could do this in a neighborhood or at your child’s school to give to charity.

5. Raise funds

You can raise funds through different ways, Right from organizing a local collection to sharing your causes amongst your near and dear ones, you can do anything to help. If you have a network of people who would be interested in your cause, all you need to do is hustle and you will manage to raise a good amount for donation.

6. Shop from the right places

This is an indirect way of helping those in need. Many businesses donate a part of their income to charity and if you shop from the right places, you are indirectly donating to them. Check with the merchants before you make a purchase and if they offer to give a small amount of their income towards donation, shop from them.

7. Donate the tax refund

A tax refund is like receiving unexpected money. If you receive a tax refund, do not use up the entire amount and consider donating at least a part of it. This way you will be able to donate money without hurting your wallet.

Look for organizations that support different causes and choose the one that interests you to give to charity. Identify the cause you want to work for and then get in touch with the organization. It helps to gain information about how many people they have an impact on and how they spend the money, you give them. If you cannot write a check from your income, try to raise as many funds as you can from your near and dear ones.

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