Different Types of Gold

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Different Types of Gold

Gold has been used for creating beautiful adornments for thousands of years. It is both historic and eternal, a truly precious material that we continue to celebrate and guild ourselves with to this day. As one of the most beautiful elements we have to work with, gold has been adjusted and developed over the years to achieve different looks and effects. There are different types of Gold.

The three variations of gold which are most generally used to craft beautiful, modern jewelry are yellow, white and rose. These different types of gold are all unique in look due to their varied blends.

Yellow Gold

Different Types of Gold

Yellow gold is a naturally occurring material and it is the purest form of metal. Due to this purity, gold alone is too soft to manufacture into jewelry. Yellow gold is made suitable for jewelry by combining it with zinc and copper, this creates a sturdier alloy that is very long lasting. The concentration of pure gold in a piece’s makeup determines its Karat quantity, with 24 Karat gold being the purest concentration available. This yellow tone is the most classic shade of gold for jewelry, and it is the color that we traditionally picture when we think of gold.

White Gold

Different Types of Gold

White gold contains a minimum of one other white metal, which will usually be palladium or nickel – although, higher quality pieces will be nickel free. This type of gold is durable and scratch resistant, perfect for delicate pieces. The higher the Karat, the higher the gold content – this is the rule for all different tones of gold. White gold’s Karat is determined by its blend, and pieces with higher Karats will usually carry a beautiful, golden warmth. For example, because of its high silver content, 9 Karat will look whiter than 18 or 14 Karat. Look for dreamy, subtle items crafted out of pure 14k solid white gold to truly capture the spirit of the metal.

Rose Gold

Different Types of Gold

Rose gold is a mixture of silver, copper and yellow gold. A warm, rose glow is achieved through the delicate combination of silver and copper. This mix of metals doesn’t only produce a stunning look, it is also incredibly strong and enduring, meaning that there will be minimal tarnishing even if the piece is worn all day, every day. The pink hue carries an air of romance and sentimentality which attracts lots of people to it.

The gold you choose is really dependent on your personal taste! Yellow and rose are both very warm and sumptuous, whilst white is pure and soft. Pay attention to what tones you traditionally gravitate towards – if you adore reds and browns, opt for the warmer golds. Similarly, if you prefer greys and blues, white will probably suit you best. For a creative, harmonious look, you can wear all three metals at once – their tones will balance with one another beautifully. Consider how and when you’ll be wearing your pieces to determine which gold will work best for you.

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