Cleaning and Caring for Cashmere Clothing

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Cleaning and Caring for Cashmere Clothing

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Cashmere is one of the most essential elements when it comes to winter fashion wear. These delicate and elite wool yarns come from special cashmere goats, which come with a dual layer of fur on their bodies. The inner layer of fur of these goats is ideal to make cashmere yarns out of which, pullovers and cardigans are fashioned at a later stage and date.

There has been much debate regarding the factors and the points that must be borne in mind for the cleaning and the caring of cashmere clothing. These tips are also receivable from cashmere clothing wholesale points who advise their customers on the points that need precise care, especially for a greater life expectancy from these clothing items.

Hand Washing

So many of us feel that dry cleaning is one of the best ways of washing cashmere clothing, and it sure is the best way. This is the ideal way to care for these fabrics properly, especially for their long life. Cashmere clothing wholesale dealers agree upon this fact. Hand washing these delicate clothes at home is the best way that you can take proper care of them. Use mild baby shampoo and moderate temperature water to wash and clean these fabrics. Too hard rubbing and scrubbing are definitely discouraged.


The stage where you dry these wet cashmere is also a crucial stage, where it ensures proper care of the shapes and the contours of these warm garments. As many of the cashmere clothing wholesale dealers will advise, you should not hang them wet cashmere for drying. It is advisable that you rather spread them across a dry towel on the floor or some risen surface like a table and let them dry. This can be a long process and can take up to 48 hours. Avoid putting the cashmere in too bright sunlight. Also at this stage, take care of the fact that moths and other insects should not attack your cashmere.


When folding cashmere clothing, do not fold them in their middle from the front. The best way to fold them is in the folded pattern of shirts for sale you find in stores. This will keep their fronts crease free.


Be careful while storing these cashmere clothes. Do not cramp and stuff them into a small place. This can spoil their look and finish in the longer run. It is best them to keep them in a spacious loft of the cupboard. Also, put some naphthalene balls in a handkerchief and put it away in some part of the loft. This is how your beloved cashmere garments will be safe from insects.

Cashmere garments happen to be of the best quality, are delicate garments. Taking proper care of them and cleaning them well is imperative so that you can enjoy a longer run of use from them. The process of caring for them and cleaning them is really simple and hassle-free as opposed to what many think.



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