How to Choose Beautiful Plant Containers for Your Garden

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How to Choose Beautiful Plant Containers for Your Garden

If you are a nature lover then you may surely own a garden, if not then at least you will definitely have some flower pots or plant containers on your balcony or on the roof. Looking after for plants is a passionate thing for gardeners but there is another thing important for gardeners as well. That is, looking after and arranging flowerpots and plant containers for your garden to make them look more and more beautiful and as much attractive as they can.

Tips on Plant Containers for Your Garden

Clay or Terracotta

Although clay or terracotta containers look more attractive than any other material, they are also more vulnerable to damage and cracking. Especially in the winter season, the clay pots usually break because of the frosting around them. Similarly, one other problem with these containers is that they absorb water from the soil and the plant eventually dries out.


Containers made of plastic are lightweight, which makes them easy to replace. This makes them handy to use and change their arrangement whenever you want. However, they are not as attractive as clay pots.


Lifestyle Glitz - Plant Containers for Your Garden_Metal

Metal containers look more attractive and classy as compared to plastic ones. They don’t have the problem of cracking in winters. Similarly, metal containers don’t absorb water from the soil that makes them ideal for use. But they also have some major problems associated with them. The moisture and water of soil corrode the metal and the container gets totally damaged. Secondly, metals are good conductors of heat, so they become over-heated in summer and over-cooled in winter. This extreme temperature environment is unhealthy for certain plants.


Lifestyle Glitz - Plant Containers for Your Garden - Wood

Wood barrels are another good option to be used as plant containers for your garden. They look good when painted with different bright colors and give a pleasant effect to eyes as well. The problem with wood is that it also rots and absorbs water from the soil. These containers can be used for a long time if they are painted with some preserver like Varnish. Similarly lining the wood containers with plastic sheets also make them last long enough.


Composts bags are also a suitable choice for plant containers for your garden. If you are growing potatoes in your home garden, then these bags are a good option.

Empty Plastic Bottles

Lifestyle Glitz - Plant Containers for Your Garden_Plastic

We all love to consume soda or soft drinks. But do you know that you can grow plants in them too? Empty Plastic bottles are a good resource for plant containers especially when you are living in an apartment where you don’t have sufficient space on your balcony but you get enough sunlight. Just cut out the plastic bottles to suitable dimensions and hang them on your balcony. You won’t believe but they look really attractive when small green branches hanging out from them.

Soda Cans

Lifestyle Glitz - Plant Containers for Your Garden_can

Tin cans are also a good option as plant containers for your garden to grow small and leafy plants like basil. They are affordable and easy to find everywhere.

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