Celebrating in Sydney: The Best Ways to Spend Public Holidays

Written by Andy Glibert
11 · 14 · 19
The Best Ways to Spend Public Holidays in Sydney

Sydney is one of the best cities in the world, and it has so much to offer when it comes to celebrating special occasions and public holidays! It’s a sun-soaked, leafy hub of art, culture and excitement, so get ready to be spoilt for choice when it comes to pinning down a spot to celebrate all your upcoming events! Whether you like to chill out on your days off, get stuck into some serious adventure or just sit back and revel in the joyous atmosphere, this city has something for you. Without further ado, here are a few great ideas for enjoying your public holidays to the max, right here in Sydney…

Australia Day

Australia day is a huge celebration here in Sydney, from parties to parades, there is a serious buzz about the busting city over this public holiday. You can enjoy yourself in so many ways, from a picnic with a view to a tour of the Opera House, there are plenty of options out there. For a truly magical experience, nothing will beat an incredible Australia Day cruise out on the iconic Sydney Harbour. You’ll enjoy views of the ferry races, air show, and fireworks display as you tuck into delicious catering and bask in the sun on the open deck. There’s no better way to spend Australia Day!


Easter weekend is great for enjoying with the family, and you’ll find a tonne of fun activities to engage in over the celebration! One of the most famous options is the Royal Easter Show, where you and the kids will be able to experience fun rides, live music, firework shows and even pet a few furry friends! If you want to be a little more focused on the Easter theme, head to Centennial Park for the Great Centennial Park Egg Hunt. Your little ones can scour the grounds for Easter eggs whilst you relax and soak up the gorgeous city views.

Anzac Day

Start your Anzac Day by paying your respects at your local dawn ceremony. Attendance at these ceremonies is incredibly important and meaningful to anyone who has been impacted by service, so it really is a lovely thing to do. If you want to get a little rowdy later on in the day, head to a pub for an energetic game of two-up or stay in with the kids and bake some delicious Anzac cookies for a quieter way to spend the day.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is quite the event in Sydney! Get out early and watch the iconic Sydney to Hobart race kick-off, the atmosphere at local lookouts, in the city or on Manly beach is absolutely incredible. Bring along a picnic breakfast and some cricket for the perfect family morning. You could also take the opportunity for a little shade and head to the cinema, Boxing Day typically sees the release of some very exciting movies.

New Year’s Eve

Sydney is famous for its New Year’s Eve display! The fireworks are absolutely the main event, so pack up a picnic or splurge on a meal at a restaurant with a view to witness the beautiful and exciting display. You can even book yourself a spot for a picnic and a party at some of the city’s best locations, just be sure to get in early!

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to shake up the way you spend your public holidays! Whether you’ll be with your mates or your families, these are all amazing ways to have a memorable and exciting day out in Sydney.

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