CBD Oil for Dogs, Some Alternatives and Its Uses

CBD oil has become one of the most used methods to help pets such as cats and dogs deal with a wide variety of symptoms caused by multiple diseases, such as physical pain and many types of anxiety. With that said, research on CBD is still in its early stages, and there’s much to know about it, and whether it is effective or not.

Still, testimonials and reviews of these products have shown that it is actually effective and that it is worth the try in both humans and animals. Some stories have claimed that CBD has achieved things that medicaments and drugs have not been able to achieve, and even hospitals have started to use it as well as hemp oil to help patients deal with the pain that comes from diseases like cancer. What’s so great about CBD Oil is that you can get these products in online stores such as petcbdcommunity, making it convenient for you. But knowing all this might not be pretty effective if you don’t understand what CBD is, so let’s talk about it in detail.

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What is CBD?

It is the short name of Cannabidiol, one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant, yet levels of cannabidiol found on the cannabis plant are pretty low in comparison to the hemp, a familiar plant to the cannabis. This is really important to know. Why? Well, because the hemp and the cannabis plant share a big difference: their THC levels.

THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabidiol, is the compound found in this plant that gives it its psychoactive features, meaning that whenever someone smokes cannabis or consume a product containing it, it is THC that makes people go trips.

THC is way more prominent than the cannabinoid known as CBD, and that is why Cannabidiol related products are based on the hemp plant instead because these products need to contain a set amount of THC to be legal, according to the regulations stated by the law. CBD related products can have up to 0.3% THC, making it pretty much harmless for people, snatching its capabilities to make someone get high.

For humans, whether the products contain Tetrahydrocannabidiol or not is not as important, since getting high is not so much of a deal. Of course, some people would prefer not to get high whenever they have to consume their product, but there’s no actual risk to their health besides getting a little trippy.

CBD Oil for Pet Dogs

With that said, for animals, CBD Oil is a completely different story. For pets such as dogs and cats, consuming cannabis, be it through inhaling the smoke or consuming something containing it, can cause intoxication. Depending on the amount consumed, this intoxication can cause a wide variety of problems, from excessive drowsiness to a lack of motivation, loss of appetite, excessive thirst, dry mouth, and dry eyes. The big problem with this intoxication is that it can last a few hours to several days.

After cannabis has become more and more accepted through the world, the cases of intoxicated pets have increased massively. Just in the U.S in the last 6 years, cases of pets intoxicated by marijuana have increased up to 448%! That’s why cannabidiol is so helpful because it brings the benefits of the plant without actually harming your companion, making it pretty safe for pets, as mentioned in this article.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil, and How Pet Owners Use It

Now you might be wondering why people would go as far as using cannabidiol. Even more, using it.

Well, although there’s no actual scientific research on the matter, a lot of testimonials have risen its popularity at dealing with symptoms like inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and pain. The fact that some hospitals have started to use them to help their patients deal with pain, as well as research that showed how CBD could reduce epileptic seizures by a significant 32%, is enough proof of its benefits.

For pets such as dogs, especially senior dogs, joint and muscle complications are pretty common. This can harm their mobility, and this can cause some problems as they grow older since they start losing their muscle strength. CBD is one of the many alternatives you can pick to help your dog deal with this problem. Some people have claimed that it has helped their pets recover some of their mobility after a couple of weeks, allowing their pets to play and exercise way more than they were capable of, thanks to reducing pain and inflammation.

Help Dogs with Anxiety

For pets suffering from anxiety, especially from separation anxiety, It has been proven by many people that it calms animals down. It’s also effective when you are going to travel or going on a quick trip to the mountains.

What’s so great about it is that the side-effect of cannabidiols is not as intense as the side-effects caused by drugs aiming to treat these conditions.

You can also find cannabidiol in different ways. The most standard one is, of course, CBD oil, but you can find some alternatives such as treats, as portrayed over here.

Dog treats are great because they entice dogs, which is always great, and they bring the benefits of any oil. You can also find creams and ointments which are applied in the body to reduce inflammation and pain.

Some people might get enticed by the idea of using oils that were meant for humans in their dogs, but this is not recommended. Although it might bring the same benefits, it is better if you use a product that was meant for animals instead of one that was meant for people. That way, you’ll make sure you are safe about it.

To avoid side-effects, you should start with small doses of the CBD Oil, and increase them based on the results obtained. This part of the process can be tricky, so take your time and start with small doses.

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