CBD Oil And Pets – What You Should Know

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CBD Oil And Pets - What You Should Know

CBD products are really hot on the market, as you can tell from the sheer number of items that have flooded almost every niche. And there really is a reason for that. They have now become famous for their effect in reducing anxiety and pain, treating seizures, and working up an appetite. Sounds amazing, right? And did you know that your beloved furry friends can also benefit from those? Let’s take a look at some facts you should know about CBD oil use on pets.

Cannabidiol And Animals

CBD or Cannabidiol is an active compound in the marijuana plant. Its healing and balancing effects on mammals are really profound, so pet owners have been using it on all sorts of ailments and problems. You can read a little more on the topic at this site.   And by all sorts you can include really anything, from behavioral issues to medical ones, from arthritis, cancer pains, muscle spasms, and similar neurological issues, to digestive tract abnormalities, trauma, mood, memory, anxiety, and withdrawal.

Even though the idea of using a cannabis-based product on your pet might seem a little odd at first, come to think of it, animals can benefit by its compounds no less than people in terms of addressing ailments. For example, if your dog underwent some sort of surgery, CBD will help speed healing and increase appetite so that your canine friend eats well while recovering. Or, if an animal is really old and in pain, stimulating the endocannabinoid system can diminish the pain and alleviate its fear.

How It’s Used

CBD products for pets come into different forms and this makes them pretty easy to administer. Probably the simplest and most straightforward one is by putting it into coconut or another kind of edible oil. These often come with a dropper, so that it’s easy to give it to your pet directly. The direct approach might prove to be a little tricky, however, since flavorless oils do tend to have an unpleasant taste. In such a case it might be a good idea to mix it into your pet’s food and they will be unlikely to notice the additive.

CBD treats with a baked plant extract are another very popular form offered by manufacturers. You can read all about them on the holistapet official site. If the animal has skin or joint problems, owners have the choice of picking up a cream, lotion or salve that can be applied topically at the affected place to reduce any discomfort. This will have a soothing effect on the area and also promote faster healing. That said, it is always good to choose the best product on the basis of the issue you are targeting, then to follow application instructions carefully and read all the warnings, if any.

Safety And Benefits For Animals

The use of cannabis-based products among humans doesn’t need articles written about it. The health and overall lifestyle benefits that people have experienced and continue to experience are numerous and profound. But can we say the same about dogs, for example? While medical research on the topic is still limited, various channels for pet parents such as social media, online forums and the like are yielding overwhelming evidence of positive effects tied to CBD use they have witnessed in their furry friends.

In order to stay on the safe side, however, pet owners should be aware that substance purity is key. For example, marijuana contains up to 30 percent THC, which is not only not beneficial for animals but it can also be toxic when administered to dogs. As a comparison, CBD oil contains no more than 0,3 percent of the compound. This means that any cannabis-based supplement or treat you buy should be pure and unadulterated in order to be safe and good for the animal’s health and well-being.

Proper Dosage And Precautions

Dosage can really vary from one animal and situation to another. It might require that you try out different amounts until you get it just right for your pet. Of course, it is always safer. to start with the smallest dose possible and work it up to the average recommended. If you still find it difficult to start, be aware that the recommended amount is 1 to 5 mg per 10 pounds of body weight. For cats specifically, the highest admissible dose would be exactly 5 mg and it should be reserved for the treatment of serious conditions and after consulting with a vet.

You can also start with a mid-range option and watch out for the substance effect after the first half-hour, as this is how much it usually takes to start working in the body. If an hour later you still see no difference, up the amount. Of course, don’t forget that you will likely need more than one treatment in order to see an improvement. Pain control requires a dose every 8 hours. For any other treatment purposes, such as behavioral issues, for example, once or twice per day should be good.

All in all, with the tons of evidence available pro-use, giving CBD oil at least a try is not at all a bad idea. Just make sure you are purchasing from a legitimate manufacturer who can provide proof of the origin, safety and production method of their product line. Go for organic in order to guarantee purity and be aware that it will go with a higher price so definitely don’t go cheap with a purchase like this. Start off slowly at first, and once you observe the benefits, establish the best dose for your pet.

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