Benefits of Using a Planetary Gearbox in Your Project

Written by Rohani Egbert
7 · 23 · 19
Benefits of Using a Planetary Gearbox in Your Project

If you’re working on an application where you need to create good torque and decrease speed, the planetary gear system is an ideal choice. The Planetary gearbox is used in industrial applications of all sizes—from handheld tools such as electric screwdrivers and small robots to large machineries such as conveyor systems, industrial mixers, and automated guided vehicles, planetary gear systems are the standard when engineers are looking for high performance, durability and high efficiency.

Here are five benefits of a planetary gear system over regular gearboxes that will help you determine if it’s the right choice for your engineering project.

Better Torque

Because of the way gear teeth are arranged in a planetary gear system, it produces exceptional torque. Its ingenious design enables the gears to engage with the central gear (sun gear) and the ring at several places in a short time, producing greater torque.

Today’s lightweight and compact planetary gearboxes are nearly 50% smaller than conventional gear systems and can still deliver the same torque output. Moreover, in contrast to traditional gearboxes, planetary gear systems provide greater torque transmission with lower levels of inertia.

Impressive Reduction

The teeth of a planetary gearbox are so positioned that they continuously mesh with each other while revolving, taking multiple turns for every output shaft in a unit. This enables a high reduction ratio as the gear and the pinion mesh and produces good levels of reduction.

In addition, both simple and compound planet gear systems can be further custom-arranged to increase reduction.

Minimal Noise of Planetary GearBox

A regular gearbox is infamous for the annoying sound it produces, which is why planetary gears are preferred over pinion and gear systems in environments where noisy equipment isn’t an option (medical applications, for instance). Such projects require a small planetary gearbox for higher efficiency and soundless operation.

A planetary gearbox operates silently because it has many gears arranged close to each other. Because of greater surface contact, the rotation is softer, which further reduces noise. In addition, some planet gear systems are designed to create a canceling effect where the gears disengage from each other, minimizing noise.

Longer Life

Planetary gearboxes are durable and experience minimal wear and tear, owing to their design which enables equal load distribution among the gears. Moreover, as the gears move in a circular motion at high speed, the high levels of the centrifugal force generated further support high loads. This protects the gearbox from excessive deterioration over repeated use and brings cost savings. The gears can be further protected by applying a good quality lubricant to the teeth so they won’t damage one another during motion.

Greater Reliability

Planet gear systems are highly efficient and reliable. Because of their compact size and efficient design, they’re easy to install and use. The ability of a planetary gearbox to precisely vary the levels of speed and power makes them usable in regular as well as special applications across industries.

Planet gearboxes are a good choice if you’re looking for high levels of accuracy and a gear arrangement that offer greater stability.

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