Are LDS Dating Sites and Mormon Dating Websites The Same?

Written by Aara Jones
11 · 05 · 19
Are LDS Dating Sites and Mormon Dating Websites The Same?

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints or LDS is a branch of the Mormon church. Read more about them in this site. It has its own doctrines and scriptural texts that the modern-day prophet follows. Mormons are considered to be a religious and cultural group that is the principal branch of the LDS.

The LDS and Mormon teachings are the same. Today, most Mormons are considered as members of the LDS. However, other Mormons can be non-practicing, or they can belong to other denomination. Most of them develop a tightly-knit sense of community that can be traced from their history and doctrines.

Families and Mormons

Both the LDS and Mormons have strict laws of purity. This means that members are prohibited from having sexual relations outside of their marriage. They promote heterosexual marriages and fidelity. Although fidelity is what most couples need to stay together, some want to have “open” relationships with their significant other.

Dating Someone with a Different Religion

Falling in love is inevitable. You don’t get to choose the person you fall into. When you meet them in sites such as you might be attracted to their looks or to their profiles. Afterward, all you know when you were first dating is that they make you feel good. But things can become complicated fast if both of you come from a different religion.

With an interfaith relationship, arguments are unavoidable. Sooner or later, one of you may need to be converted into one’s religion if you decide to have church marriage. Here are some things that you might want to know before dating a person who is a Latter-Day Saint believer or one that came from other religion.

1. Practice Having an Open Mind

There are conversations where both couples would talk about religion and how they can adapt the teachings to each other’s lives. You might want to experiment in your core belief systems to see if you can relate to each other.

For conversations, one may adopt the protestant hat of his girlfriend and see the benefits of teachings that protestant offers. There should be an open mind in the reversing of roles so that arguments can be avoided.

One can articles or newsletters from their religion so that they can see different perspectives with the help of other people’s writings. Most of the time, hearing messages that came from another person can bridge out gaps and break down walls.

2. Humans are More Similar than Different

There might be times when a girlfriend wants to reinforce a specific belief to her partner. However, the most crucial aspect of any interfaith relationship is respect. Your partner is a human being that deserves your 100% respect. You can agree to disagree, but you can never work things out if you start to disrespect each other.

You can acknowledge both of your different religious differences. But each wants to feel loved and respected no matter what or who they believe in. Some people are so deeply embedded with their faith that they incorporate the teachings in their daily lives. This is all fine as long as you won’t tread on each other’s feet and the boundaries are not crossed. Both of you will also appreciate it if your partner can participate in traditions that are important to you. The important thing is not to let resentment grow between the two of you while you are dating.

3. Celebrate Differences

Do not commit to a person with a different religious belief if you have a mindset that love conquers all. This is one of the recipes for disasters. Love is indeed a critical component, but it is not the only one. There are values, beliefs, morals, and other differences that can make or break the partnership.

But if you enter the interfaith relationship with clear expectations, you can see the interfaith obstacle as a chance to grow. You can easily overcome this when you both work for it. Celebrate the uniqueness and the differences between you and your partner. You should not give up what you believe in because of love. After all, your beliefs are what attracted your partner to you in the first place.

The Bottom Line

Everybody’s faith influences everything that they do. These values are the ones that guide every person in their everyday lives, much like how the stars govern the sailors in navigating the oceans. If your significant other follows or navigates by a wholly different of stars, then the partnership can become complicated.

Fortunately, there are things that most couples can do to avoid conflict when it comes to faith. They can be open-minded, they can celebrate their differences, and respect for each other. Each of them can form a beautiful partnership, regardless of culture and faith. With a dating platform that can provide you with information such as the religion of a person, you can decide whether to reach out or not in the first instance. The key to a successful relationship is where every person helps his or her partner grow and flourish, even if they have a different set of beliefs.

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