Why Android has Started to Seem Important to Businesses All of Sudden

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2 · 13 · 18
Why Android Seems Important to Businesses All of Sudden

Now businesses around the world have started to learn the importance of Android apps. Lifestyle Glitz - AndroidThey want Android apps and for this purpose, they are hiring Android app development companies to get apps implemented for their customers, employees, and partners.

So, why have businesses, all of sudden, started to like Android apps? Well, it’s a matter of numbers. Yes, Android’s presence is vast … beyond imagination. The OS is running at more than 85% percent of all smartphones and on 65% of all tablet devices used in the world.

The widespread reach of Android devices is certainly attracting businesses to launch their apps on the platform and get advantages of its largest user-base. As of now, all the mobile device manufacturers are making Android powered smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, watches and several other smart gadgets and home appliances.

Now let us reveal some top reasons for why the whole world has gone crazy about Android devices and Android application development.

Androids Offer Convenience of Customers

Android devices can be owned in all price ranges. If you have $100 as the minimum budget for experiencing smartphone mobility, you have Android mobile devices as the cheapest choice. If you want to buy a smartphone with high-end features like face recognition, fingerprint lock, HD camera and tons of memory, you again have the Android as the best choice. Surprisingly, these high-end features can be found in the phones that are available for moderate prices like as low as $200.

Increasing Sales and Revenue

It’s easy to do computing with the use of smartphones. Before smartphones, people were using PCs for sending mails, reading, editing and creating documents, entertainment like watching videos and playing games. Of course, it wasn’t easy to handle large size PCs like desktops and laptops. Also, people were not able to easily carry them due to their weight. But, smart mobility just removed this restriction. In fact, people learned the true sense of computing portability after smartphones. Now, they were able to access software, web, and entertainment on the go…

This trend is still going on and, we will soon see that the whole world would be using smartphones for the personal computing needs and because Android leads the mobile world, businesses also need to have their presence on Android smartphones and, that’s why they are launching Android app development projects.

Android for Promotional Purposes, Branding, and Recognition

If a business needs widespread marketing and promotion for its brands, products, services, and other offerings, there is no other mobile platform than Google’s Android. An app launched on Google Play store, of course, provides several times more visibility than other apps do.

So Android devices have certainly created a special place in the market and, more and more businesses around the world now have plans to launch for this platform.

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