Amp Up Your Daily Style Game With Athleisure

Written by Rohani Egbert
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Comfort and style are two words that come to any person’s mind when the most ideal wear to put on a daily routine are thought of. Something that is absolutely effortless and a look that can be put together in minutes. It should be in sync with your skin but also should be reflective of your personality.

Formals are what we all wear when we have to go to our work and otherwise, we are out dressed up in casual clothing or activewear. But when it comes to wearing something that we can just hop into and head out the door, without having to sacrifice our style game, we are always running out of our options.

We can understand that situation more than you think and we also know that you have gotten bored of all your old outfits and you want to change something about your appearance so that it jazzes up your look a bit. And for that, we have got your back with a new genre of dressing and that is Athleisure.

Athleisure is the term that has been combined with the two terms Athletics and Leisure. So essentially it is a style of dressing that you can wear casually but has a sports look to it, and that is why you could be in your active best wearing them. They are the most stretchy, comfy, and casually cool kind of clothing, which you can sport anywhere in your daily routine.
Read more to know about Fabletics Athleisure wear. There are many ways to style it but here are some of our favorites.

1. Say Never to Layers
One can never ever go wrong with layers. The rule of thumb when it comes to don Athleisure in layers is that you need to make it in a lot of layers. Not only do they create a certain dimension to the look, but it also helps in creating a contrast that frames the entire look in a wholesome way. It builds up a mood and keeps it interesting, giving a lot of scopes to play.

2. Play With Prints
Who says that Athleisure has to be boring and monochromatic? You can always play with different and subtle prints that are widely available in the market. You can always create different outfit combinations with various looks.  

3. Choose Your Favorite Fabrics
Athleisure or Active Wear Clothing comes in different Fabrics and the best part is that you can choose according to what you want or need. Though all of them are very stretching to keep it soft and smooth, yet you can still have a lot of options to choose from, depending on whether you live in a cold place or a hot place, or the purpose for which you need it the most.

4. Create Your Own Unique Style
Last but not the least, all of us have a unique style of ours which gets blended with the latest fashion trends that go along. And similarly, even with the genre of Athleisure, you can still experiment to create your own kind of outfit combination as there is a plethora of clothing to make a selection from.

The Gist
Athleisure is the new kind of comfort wear that has got the fashion industry by a buzz and is very much here to stay. You can up your style game up by notches with this attractive and trendy activewear.

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