Advantages Of Having A Strong Composite Front Door

Written by Rohani Egbert
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Advantages Of Having A Strong Composite Front Door

Among the first things, you notice when entering a house is the overall appearance from the outside. Just before that, as you step into the walkway, your attention shifts to the front door of the house. A strong and sturdy front door can speak for itself. It can give an impression of what to expect of the interiors and the decor of the house. 


First Impressions are always the Best

The first impression of a home is a scene most of us remember for a long time. Hence, it is only right that you ensure that the main door of your home offers the most welcoming sight. It should not be just any door. A composite door can be just what you need to create a feeling of grandeur and class. It reflects your personality and shows off how elegant your home will be inside. A composite door replicates the look of a traditional timber door at the lesser expense and with greater durability.


Increases Property Value

A composite door increases the value of your home and is a real attraction to real estate agents. They fall in love with the appearance of the house and speak highly of it. If you are planning to put your house on the market, then this door will create wonders among prospective buyers. The glossy finish it gives enhances the entire look of the house.


Sturdy and Protects Against the Elements

Most composite doors are made of various layers of materials with different properties. The external surface is mostly made of GFRP- Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic. This has a wide range of resistance to UV rays, extreme climatic conditions, acids and other chemicals, salt air, and humidity. The door also protects your family from heat, cold, thunderstorms and noise.


Offers Better Security

The core is made of highly structured timber or insulated foam. This is then surrounded by a timber frame and the edges are made of an aluminium band. All together these materials provide the best security you can expect from the main door. You are safe from intruders as breaking down a composite door is almost impossible. Now if you are thinking in terms of lock security, experts from Just Doors and Conservatories opine that the composite door has no comparisons. There are multiple points of locking the door to the frame. The door is not just connected to the frame and the hinges, it has connections all over. The 5 cylinder key lock is yet another factor that helps improve the security features of the door.


High Quality, Low Maintenance Benefits

Composite doors are at all times tough, rigid and durable. It resists almost all environmental conditions and is stable during climate changes too. All of these factors in composite doors help to minimize maintenance costs. It doesn’t require much care and you can avoid unnecessary expenditures after installation. There is no question of swelling and contraction, as it is made of different layers of temperature resistant materials.


Having a composite door helps in many ways. Break-in incidents are very rare in homes with composite doors. Dislodging the door from its frame is almost impossible and you can be assured of maximum safety.

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