A Complete Guide on Buying Bar Stools for a Restaurant

Written by Aara Jones
3 · 02 · 21

Are you struggling to find a perfect restaurant bar stool for a restaurant? Restaurants are best known for their food and aesthetics. Restaurant bars add value to restaurant image. Customers find it an attraction and spend more time and money in your location. Having bar stools in your restaurant adds more space and adds a polished that leaves only positive impressions.

Having a bar is not a new thing; it is an old-age tradition. Barstool for restaurants adds modernism to your bar station. You should keep in mind a few key factors. These factors will correctly align your bar layout with the bar stool.

Style of Bar Stools for a Restaurant

Your choice is your demand. Four paws bar stools are present in the market that gives a complete look to your bar, but they won’t rotate to 360degrees nor have the option to adjust the height. Many oval base bar stools present in the market can rotate up to 360 degrees giving flexible motion. Oval base bar stools also come with a facility to adjust the height.

Merge to Your Interiors

Make sure to choose bar stools that complement your restaurant’s interiors. Bar stools made up of wood will fit perfectly for a classic look. Simultaneously, plastic bar stools or metallic bar stools are best for your restaurant’s contemporary look. Metallic or plastic bar stools for a restaurant go well for big heights restaurants. Wooden bar stools for sale go well for rustic indoor comfortable bar set up.

Take the Measurements

Bar stools for a restaurant should match the height of your bar counter. Guests should easily sit on bar stools while keeping their hands-on bar table. Measure the size between counter and ground, then measure the bar stools’ height (can be seen through bar stool manual). Short stature chairs often do not go well for restaurant bars. Commonly used restaurant bar height stools are already present in the market.


Consider comfort as a priority. Bar counter and bar stools should have definite room for legs. The distance between the bar counter and bar stools should be well coordinated. Customers while sitting at the restaurant bar should feel comfortable and enjoy their drinks. If their legs keep banging to the bar counter or they find it difficult to rotate the bar stool, they will not come back to your restaurant bar.

Stools with Armrest and Brackets

Talking about comfort, do not forget that Barstools with arms rest serve best. They are well padded and look acceptable to customers. Backrests also help best to comfort the scenario. People show a great inclination toward bracketed and armrest-fitted bar stools. Many bar stools are available in the market with full brackets, half brackets, and no brackets. Choose according to your style need.


Bar stools for a restaurant and their use is decade old. Restaurant decorators and designers are now considering bar stool as a mandatory component of interior designing. The above-discussed features will help you to make the right choice for your restaurant bar setup. We hope to make your restaurant bar looks fancy and drive more customers.

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