7 Must Know Tips to Choose Petite Evening Gowns

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7 Must Know Tips to Choose Petite Evening Gowns

For the most part, picking a petite evening gown is the same exact method as any other evening gowns dress. You get to pick the shape you want, the material, the color, and the style. However, it can be harder for petite girls to find perfect evening dresses because the length and eccentric silhouettes have the power to drown you out.

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In order to help make the process easier, we’ve curated a list of tips that can help all the petite girls out there find their Cinderella gown.

Know Your Body Shape for You Evening Gowns

This tip doesn’t just apply to petite girls, but to everyone in general. Know your shape! It goes without saying that no one knows your body better than you do, and there are no hard and fast rules in fashion – so feel free to wear whatever you want.

However, the truth is that everyone has different body shapes. This also means people will want to flaunt and accentuate different parts of their bodies in order to make their figure stand out. Knowing your body shape will save you lots of wasted time trying on dresses which won’t do your figure justice.

SIlhouette Is Key

There are a few dress silhouettes which will flatter all petite women universally. Mermaid cuts often hug the body until the knees where it flares out, making it an ideal choice for girls who have curves. Don’t be scared when you hear the word flared, the flare is often small and won’t overpower petite girls.

Column evening gowns are ideal for those who want a more minimal design, with a vertical line running from the shoulders down through the hips. Flannel’s Essential Slip is simple dress that compliments those who an hourglass figure and those who are more rectangle in shape. a perfect range of minimalist evening wear designs.

Choose a Slit

Slits are an easy way to make those legs look longer and leaner without any effort. Creating a break in the dress, a side slit will the most flattering cut for petite girls which elongates your shape and legs like this Layali Lace Dress from Alamour the Label.

Pick Layers for Height

Layers are an easy way to fake extra height by drawing your eyes away from the length and toward the different heights of the dress. For a fun layered look, Flannel’s Pisces Frill Skirt which has sequins and layers, elongating your legs and making you look taller instantly.


Another option can be to add a cropped jacket on top of your evening dress which helps make your legs seem longer.


Don’t Forget Your Shoes

This is probably the easiest tip of all for petite women, but heeled shoes will give you an instant height increase. Pick a nude or skin colored shoe to lengthen the look of your legs.

Pick the Right Length

Length is important to consider when you’re petite. A dress that is too short can make you look stockier than you really are, whereas a dress that drags along the ground can shorten you. Depending on the style you choose, anything that is midi or longer will typically flatter petite girls the best. Don’t be afraid to shorten and tailor your evening dresses if need be – it is an investment after all.

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Necklines Can Make a Difference

V-lined necklines will suit petite girls the best, creating a long line which makes you appear taller. Girls who have a bigger bust, make sure your neckline doesn’t plunge too far down so the balance doesn’t get thrown off. This Essential Long Slip Dress from Flannel has the perfect subtle v-shaped neck-line while being tight enough to accentuate curves but loose enough to suit girls who are straighter in shape. Click in the images to shop and order your evening gowns right away.

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