50 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend in 2018

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3 · 02 · 18
50 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend | Lifestyle Glitz

In today’s times, expressing your love for someone is as important as actually loving him or her sincerely. We all have a need to feel important, and express our genuine feelings in the right words. It is the best way to make your lover feel special. Coming up with cute things to say to your girlfriend isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. And frankly, there are times when nearly every one of us has ended up saying something stupid while trying to say something sweet to that special someone.

To build a strong relationship, it is important to say these small expressions of affection since they strengthen the bond between you. Such words remind each other of how much you mean to one another. In this article, we list some of the sweetest and very cute things to say to your girlfriend that will help you improve your relationship and bring some excitement into your life from time to time.

Don’t Memorize Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Of course, the point is not to memorize these lines and speak them randomly to your girlfriend. No matter how many cute things to say to your girlfriend you learn, they won’t have the right impact unless you feel it from your heart. Don’t try to impress and win over your girl, but think about bringing a genuine smile to her face.

Diving In

Without further delay, here are the 50 best and cute things to say to your girlfriend:

  1. I wish we could take a walk in the garden right now. There are some flowers whom I want to show what true beauty really looks like.
  2. I was going to say that I’ll love you forever, but I stopped myself. I want to love you only for myself.

“The key to the best cute things to say to your girlfriend is to keep it short and sweet.”

  1. Before we met, I used to think loving someone would complete me. But now, I’ve discovered how loving you has made me happy to be incomplete because I cannot be without you.
  2. When I finally close my eyes, I want your smile to be the last thing I see. I’m sure it will take me straight to Heaven.
  3. If there were one thing I could give you up for, it would be only to meet you again for the first time.

“Aren’t these really cute things to say to your girlfriend?”

  1. My doctor told me he thinks there is something in my heart. I told him it is someone.
  2. God must have been really listening to me when I prayed for an angel to bless me with. That was the day I first met you.
  3. They say there is no perfect girlfriend in this world. But I say you are the most perfect imperfect person in my life.
  4. If time were to come to an end, I would have it stop right now while I’m with you at this moment.
  5. This morning, I felt an angel came and whispered something in my ear. But it was the air you had brushed against on your way here.

“It’s alright to exaggerate a bit when you’re trying to say some cute things to say to your girlfriend. Poets do it all the time, and we all know that girls are crazy about poetry. But always remember to be sincere. It’s not only what you say, but also how you say it that matters as much. To have the best effect, try to create an intimate setting. Physical closeness is important. As you say these lines, try to draw yourself closer to your girlfriend.

Also, remember to make eye contact when thinking of cute things to say to your girlfriend because doing so makes you come across as sincere. Don’t try to hide your emotions. If you feel shy, it’s okay to smile a little to relax yourself. Your girlfriend will love it when you feel confident enough to show your true feelings.”

  1. If your love were like rain, then I’m sure you could make roses bloom in a desert. I know you did that to my barren life.
  2. Every step that I take with you brings me closer to my destiny.

“Warning: If you need cute things to say to your girlfriend on a first date, don’t use this one. You’ll freak her out.”

  1. Last night, I was looking at the sky and naming each star after something I like about you. Until there were no stars left unnamed.
  2. If I were a king, I’d make you the queen of my land. But since I’m not, I’ll happily become a slave in your country.
  3. You know what they say, one must always believe in their dreams. Well, you’re my sweetest dream, and I’ll never stop believing in you.
  4. I read somewhere that the entire universe is an illusion. Now that I’ve met you, I can see where they got the idea from.

“Note: This is one of the best cute things to say to your girlfriend.”

  1. If my heart were a bird in the sky, it would always return to rest on the tree of your garden.
  2. I love you as a wanderer pines for a tree. You shade me from the burning world and make me strong enough to walk again.
  3. Why do they say that distance matters? One sound from your lips brings me to you no matter where I am.
  4. Do you believe it when they say love hurts? I know I do. But I don’t fear it because I know even love can’t hurt me as long as I’m with you.

“To really make an impact with cute things to say to your girlfriend, stress on being concise.

Many people think that they only need to complement their girlfriends on their beauty. That is true to some extent. After all, girls are the fairer sex and like to be reminded of how pretty they are. At the same time, they also want to know how important the relationship is to you. When you try to come up with cute things to say to your girlfriend, try saying something that tells her that your relationship is important to you. Girls appreciate commitment.”

  1. When I first saw you, I thought you were an angel come down on Earth to search for your wings.
  2. When I was a child, I wanted to become an astronaut. I’m glad I didn’t because I can see something more beautiful than the moon.
  3. I want us to fly outside the universe holding hands. Right, the universe never ends.
  4. Are you sure the cops aren’t looking for you? Last I heard, looking that pretty was a crime.

“Alert: Not all cute things to say to your girlfriend have to be cheesy.”

  1. Do you see a signboard somewhere? I’ve been lost ever since I first saw you.
  2. If I had a diamond for every second I thought of you, I’d give you a crown covered in diamonds.
  3. You are the dawn at the end of my dark night.
  4. If I could see into the future, I’d tell you that we’re having the best time of our lives.
  5. They say one should never carry any regrets. That’s why I walked up all the way to talk to you.
  6. Hey, could you take a sip of this coffee for me? I forgot to add sugar and you’d make it just as sweet.

“Try your best to hold a good conversation with your girlfriend; one where you get to say things you truly feel about one another. Don’t stop even if it starts to feel a bit awkward. This is one of the best moments you’ll have to know the real side of each other. Saying cute things to say to your girlfriend is one thing, but you need to build on these sweet things to talk about more meaningful things. Don’t feel afraid to tell her about what things scare or worry you, what is your most secret dream or wish. Knowing these things about one another is very important to make a relationship work.”

  1. Is it possible to meet your soul mate in a dream? Well, last night I dreamed of an angel that looked just like you.
  2. My mother always said if I have faith, my dreams would come true. When I go home tonight, I’m gonna tell her she was right — I met the girl of my dreams today.
  3. I was standing over there watching you, and I wanted us to have a word together. Now I forgot which one.
  4. Hi. Is your name Faith? My mother says I need to have some faith in my life.

“Tip: You can make up cute things to say to your girlfriend on your own by using other cool words like dream, destiny, etc.”

  1. I wish I had a rose for every time I thought of you. I would have the biggest rose garden in the universe.
  2. Can I ask you how, what, and where? Because you know, love doesn’t ask why.
  3. I could fall in love with you even under the ocean.
  4. Listen, I want to steal your heart. For fairness’ sake. You’ve already stolen mine.

“Frankly, this is one of my favorite cute things to say to your girlfriend.”

  1. I have to write an essay on mythical beauties. Can you spare a few minutes for an interview?
  2. I stopped by to buy a dozen beautiful roses for you, but the florist had just eleven. I got them anyways; knew you’d complete them.

“So, are you getting the hang of it now? We are almost at the end of our list of 50 nicest and cute things to say to your girlfriend. I hope you’ve already started making up some of your own. One thing to keep in mind is to be sensitive about how these sentences affect your girlfriend. Pick up some cues from the way her smile changes or her gaze shifts when you say any of these lines. If you sense she’s feeling uncomfortable, say something to calm her down.”

  1. Can you lend me some money for tonight? I know I’m gonna break some traffic rules coz I’ll be thinking about you on the drive home.
  2. I’m thinking of changing my name to Best. Because you only deserve the best.
  3. I had the perfect pick up line for you, but I forgot it when I saw your eyes.
  4. Can I take you to meet Bryan Adams? I want to tell him that you’re not at all hard to love.

“Tip: Songs are a great source of cute things to say to your girlfriend.”

  1. You know what, God really listens. Yesterday I prayed to meet my destiny, and I met you today.
  2. I was thinking of calling you the moon, but I want you to be the earth. So that I can be the moon and stay around all the time.
  3. I would have made a great banker because I’ve been saving all my love for you.
  4. If you were an ice cream, I’d rather you’d be vanilla. Because you’re plain. Plain awesome.
  5. If my life were a video, I’d pause it on the moment I first saw you.
  6. I’m going to write to the people at Webster to correct their dictionary. Love doesn’t begin with L. It begins with YOU.

“Remember, these cute things to say to your girlfriend are recommended only for when you’re feeling really shy and at a complete loss for words. Your true feelings will only shine through when you say how you really feel in your own words. But use these as inspiration material to learn how to string words together into cute things to say to your girlfriend. Give yourself some time and focus more on learning to care for your girlfriend as a person, instead of a prize that you have to win.”

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