50 Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend in 2018

Written by Michelle McCart
3 · 05 · 18
50 Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend | Lifestyle Glitz

If you are looking to improve your relationship, or want to surprise your partner with cute surprise messages or notes, the following is a list that you can use, and change accordingly so that it fits your situation and needs. Leaving a few simple words can largely influence your boyfriend’s day. Make him feel special, appreciated, and loved for all he does for you with some cute things to say to your boyfriend. Make him feel like you are grateful and feel blessed to have someone like him in your life.

Don’t Memorize Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Before you use these lines, here’s a heads-up. Although using cute things to say to your boyfriend helps a lot, do not make them monotonous. Let them come to you naturally. Let’s see what cute things to say to your boyfriend:

1. You’re the guy every girl grows up, dreaming about.

“Saying such cute things to say to your boyfriend will make him feel like he fits your ideas for a perfect man.”

2. You’re my knight in shining armor.

“What guy doesn’t want to be made to feel like a superhero- even if it’s a Victorian Era one.”

3. There are no words that exist that can fully describe the love I have for you.

“This is one of the cute things to say to your boyfriend that would make him feel like you’re speechless when it comes to talking about him.”

4. I don’t know how I was living without you in my life.

“Such cute things to say to your boyfriend would give him the impression that you can’t go back to your old life without him.”

5. We go together like peanut butter and jelly, like macaroni and cheese.

“Tell him he’s like the two things that everyone loves eating and that just go together so much better than being eaten separately.”

6. When you put your arms around me, I feel safe and loved.

“The whole point of an embrace is that you feel surrounded by love and joy. Say such cute things to say to your boyfriend to tell him that you want his arms around you. If being in his arms don’t feel like cool lemonade on a scorching day, then the person just isn’t right.”

7. I loved you since the first moment I saw you.

“When you say such cute things to say to your boyfriend to someone, make sure that you mean it otherwise, don’t say it.”

8. I appreciate all that you do for me.

“This cute thing to say to your boyfriend makes him feel like you’re happy with all the effort he puts in to make you feel happy. Moreover, who doesn’t like to be appreciated?”

9. You make me really happy.

“Sometimes you can do nothing more than just be clear about how you feel. Just say cute things to say to your boyfriend directly, clearly, plainly. Sometimes there’s nothing better than plain old Vanilla.”

10. You make me feel like a princess. You know exactly what to do to make me feel complete and satisfied.

“Say these cute things to say to your boyfriend to remind him that you’re happy with everything that he does for you. If he surely loves you, one of his goals must be to make you feel like on top of the world. And some assurance as to how well that goal is being achieved would mean a lot to him.”

11. I love how all my friends are jealous of how good you treat me and how much I love you.

“Cute things to say to your boyfriend like this make him feel like you two have a stronger bond than anyone else in your social circle.”

12. I feel like I can completely open up to you.

“You can cute things to say to your boyfriend like this to make him feel like you are comfortable sharing your life with him verbally and in every other way possible. It makes him feel like he is a deeply integrated part of your life.”

13. I don’t hold back from telling you anything. I just want you to know everything about me.

“This makes him feel like you’ll never hide anything from him no matter how important or insignificant.”

14. How are you so amazing at everything?

“If you want to make him feel talented and skilled in whatever he chooses to do, this is your line.”

15. Everything you touch turns to gold.

“Okay this might be a bit extreme for cute things to say to your boyfriend, but it makes him feel useful and handy, as well as talented. This would make him feel like he can fix anything or accomplish anything, having your support.”

16. I love how ambitious you are.

“If your man is ambitious, hearing this would further encourage him to make more goals after achieving previous goals.”

17. I love the determination with which you do everything.

“Hearing such cute things to say to your boyfriend would remind him that he is driven and ambitious and determined. This keeps up his self-esteem and motivation. Don’t we all love men with motivation?”

18. You always make me smile, even when everything seems wrong.

19. I can’t be happier with anyone else.

20. I’d rather spend my whole life with you.

21. I sometimes fantasize about just living our life together. Alone. With no one to meet, nothing to do, just you and me, every day, all day.

22. I fall more in love with you every single day.

23. My life is filled with happiness because of you.

“Remind your partner that your happiness depends on cute things to say to your boyfriend and that your life would be utterly incomplete without such cute things to say to your boyfriend in it. It gives your partner a soft corner for you, knowing that you are dependent on them in more ways than one.”

24. You fill my heart with so much love.

25. Sometimes, you’re the reason for my breathing. At other times, I look at you, and you take my breath away.

26. Just the slightest whisper of your name gives me butterflies in my stomach.

27. You make my heart flutter.

“This may seem childish, but it would make your seemingly strong man, feel young, and giddy knowing the liberating, joyful feeling he gives you.”

28. I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms again.

29. Be mine forever.

30. You are mine. Forever and always, to the moon and back.

31. I love you more every time you listen to me when I’m down.

32. Thank you for putting up with my overemotional self.

33. Thank you for making me feel better when I’m down.

“Although you may think it is your partner’s duty to cheer you up on a bad day, it is often seen as being thankful when you tell your partner that you are deeply grateful and thankful for them taking out time from their lives to listen to your problems once in a while. Do not hesitate to say such cute things to say to your boyfriend every now and then.”

34. I did not know I was incomplete until I met you.

35. You are my better half.

36. Your smell drives me insane, even from across the room.

“Such cute things to say to your boyfriend make him feel like you are hyper-aware of his presence no matter how far away he is from you in a crowded room.”

37. I can’t keep my eyes off you, at every dinner party, every event we go together and the whole time you’re not by my side.

“There can be multiple advantages of this thought in his mind. He would never feel alone, he would always know that you’re watching him. He would be less likely to cheat or be interested in other people if he knows in the back of his mind that you’re keeping an eye out for him. Less in the creepy stalker sense, but more in the can’t-keep-my-eyes-off-you way. Never underestimate the positive power of cute things to say to your boyfriend.”

38. My new best friend is Fate. She’s the reason you’re in my life today.

39. A kiss, a hug, holding your hand in mine, cuddling- all these things are the best part of my day. It’s all because of you.

“This cute thing to say to your boyfriend makes him feel like you physically want him, in other ways than sexually being attracted to him.”

40. I don’t need a heater or jacket, you provide me with all the warmth I need.

41. My life seemed like black and white before I met you. Now everything is vivid, bright, and colorful.

“This cute thing to say to your boyfriend means to say that your partner provides meaning and color and joy to your life. Your life stops being a drag and is lively and fresh.”

42. I’ll be Juliet, you be Romeo, lets rewrite the love story and give it a happy ending.

43. I feel blessed to have found you so early on in my life; it means we have a lot more time to spend.

“The two above points mean that you plan on keeping him in your life for a really long time. In fact, they mean that you seriously plan on having and building a life with him. Not every girl or partner can provide this satisfaction. This is something done by just that special one. These cute things to say to your boyfriend show commitment and the promise of a forever, so be wise who you say it to.”

44. I wouldn’t have fallen in love if I thought you weren’t going to catch me.

“This cute thing to say to your boyfriend shows him that you feel secure enough to be in a relationship and to fully love him without being afraid that he’s going to hurt you. This establishes trust, it makes him feel trusted, and give him mental peace knowing that you’re not afraid.”

45. I may not be able to fix all of your problems, but I can stand by you and face whatever may come our way.

“This is to provide him comfort, knowing that you have his back. You will stick by his side during tough times and through all problems and rough times in life. Even if, you may not be able to prevent problems or ever provide, and give feasible alternatives or solutions to the problems, you will fully support and love him no matter what – through thick and thin. Sticking to such cute things to say to your boyfriend makes your bond stronger.”

46. After a really long bad day, talking to you gives me relief. There’s nothing more relaxing than just talking to you and being held by you. Nobody has ever given me the kind and amount of attention you do.

“Talking to one another, communication is key to a good healthy relationship. In the cycles of routines, it is easy to get caught up. But it is essential for a healthily functioning relationship that you two sit down and talk to each other about everything and anything that comes to mind.”

47. I find some deep peace in listening to your heartbeat with my head on your chest, after a really tiring day.

“Most of the times, it is just very comforting to just take out time with your partner. In the evening, in the morning, or on the weekend, cut off all distractions, and turn of all electronics. Just enjoy the moment. Maybe sit on the terrace and enjoy the sunset or sunrise, or enjoy a cup of coffee on the roof, if that is possible. Stay home. Go somewhere quiet, go to a botanical garden, enjoy nature with your partner, it is a truly grounding experience to just sit and share complete and utter silence with your partner.”

48. I love it when you show me off to all your friends, when you put your arm around my shoulder casually, or when you hold my hand when we’re walking with everyone. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

“Telling him all of these cute things to say to your boyfriend shows him that you’re proud to be with him, proud to be associated with him, to be his. He might enjoy showing you off to all his friends because he thinks of you as his prized possession.

He might also do this to establish dominance, much like his animal instinct. Men are programmed to make them feel superior to other alpha males, in this case, other men. In the animal kingdom, the animals do this to show the best reproductive partner, in this case, the most beautiful of partners, you. It is important to make him feel special with cute things to say to your boyfriend as often as possible.”

49. I love how patiently you listen to me even when all I’m doing is complaining and being whiny about everything in my life.

“Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to listen to other people complaining and being comforting to someone who doesn’t want to be comforted is a near-impossible task, especially for men. They sometimes feel the world’s weight on their shoulders. If they are taking out time to sit down and listen to you being upset about things, later on, or some other day, remind him that you appreciate it. Let him know you know that he might have been having a bad day as well. But he put his problems aside because you were having a bad day and decided to listen to you instead. He deserves hearing some soothing words. Use such cute things to say to your boyfriend to make his day.”

50. Gosh, you look smoking hot right now.

“Cute things to say to your boyfriend makes you seem appreciative of all the effort he made to make himself look good for you. In addition to this, it gives him a huge boost in self-confidence, which most guys largely lack, and girls forget that there is need to make boys feel good as well. Normally, girls put in a lot of effort with makeup and fitting into often-uncomfortable dresses and high heel shoes. But sometimes it’s good to make your man feel just as handsome as well.”

When said at the right time, place, and occasion, a few simple cute things to say to your boyfriend can make his day and cheer him up. Therefore, be there for him when he’s having a bad day. You can change the topic, in a healthy way by saying one of these things and elaborating it so that it fits your circumstances and situation. Maybe you’re looking for an opening line for all the deeper feelings you have for your partner. Use the above cute things to say to your boyfriend to help you get started on expressing how you feel for your partner.

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