5 Wedding Trends for Your 2018 Wedding Décor

Written by Aara Jones
7 · 21 · 18
5 Wedding Trends for Your Wedding Décor

Planning a wedding this year? Confused about where to start looking? That’s okay. Wedding preparations are not easy. They can get you spinning so hard on the wheel. However, for what the efforts are worth, you want your wedding to be the perfect wedding of the year. You want everything to be the best and you don’t mind going the extra mile to ensure that. Planning the big day is very special and here are the top 5 special wedding trends of 2018 that you must consider before finalizing the decor.

Rustic looking venues

Rustic decorations never get out of style and remain one of the most dug wedding trends. However, they are a very important wedding trend of 2018. To make the rustic look more wedding suitable, the wedding planners are calling it the industrial chic design. This trend started catching the eye a few years ago but has now finally become the trendiest decor of the season. People consider old building and unfinished buildings creative and chic, adding floral decorations to it makes it wedding perfect.

Minimalistic white wedding trends

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White is the ultimate choice for weddings. Simple buildings, with white curtains and flowers, greenery hanging from the ceilings, sophisticated attire and table settings and you have a perfect wedding venue. Outdoor settings make it more authentic and are a ‘cannot go wrong’ look for the wedding. Simplicity and minimalism have already become a massive trend. People do not want to go overboard with the decorations and just want a clean, calm, simple setting.

Geometric shapes

Geometric designs became one of the more popular wedding trends some years back when people started adding them to their home decor’. The success has paved its way to the wedding halls. The shapes and sharp lines go completely against the minimalistic white decor and add a modern, industrial touch to it. In addition, the geometric designs are not restricted to decor; they can be on the invitations and dress design.


From flowing ivy to spiky eucalyptus, foliage adds style to the decor. They are more soothing on the eyes and are a cost-effective replacement to the expensive flowers. They can be set as centerpieces, used as crowns, hung on the ceilings, in any which way, the greenery makes the wedding look more alive. The foliage goes the best with the white minimalistic setting but it one can add it to any wedding trend to give the venue a completely different look.

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Textured decor

The most important factor to keep in mind before fixing the decorations is to see what they go well with. Sometimes, it is not about following the general wedding trends but you must set your own. Whichever look you decide is important to understand what it will go best with. Textured tablecloths or mason jars as centerpieces can give the wedding a desired look, without going overboard with the decorations.

Once the theme is decided, you need to fix the other requirements and everything has to be in accordance with the theme. The other things will include the furniture, the crockery, the food styling, the cake, everything. Even the placement of the furniture will depend upon the theme. Hence, it is better to find places for wedding furniture hire and get the furniture in accordance with the theme.

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