5 Ways to Tell Gold Is Real

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5 Ways to Tell Gold Is Real

If some of your favorite looks and outfits include a little bit of gold bling, we can already tell you are a style star. But, it is easy to get trapped into buying fake gold and this is a shame as everybody deserves the best! Follow our tips and tricks to help you identify between real and fake gold.

The Hallmark or Stamp

All gold jewelry you come across should be marked with a hallmark or stamp. This mark should indicate the carat weight of the piece, like 10k or 15k. It can be found on the clasp of a necklace or bracelet, or on the inner band of a ring.

The stamp will comprise of a number followed by the letter ‘k’, which represents out of parts of 24, how much of the metal is gold. For example, a mark of 14k means that 14/24 parts are gold. Thus, 24k is 100% gold.

In Europe, it’s a little different. They measure the gold content in decimals. For example, .585 would mean 58.5% gold.

Types of Gold

If you are confident in identifying the different types and their colors to match, you will easily pick out the real stuff.

New gold: Refers to gold products that are produced or manufactured immediately after refining and purifying the raw gold.

Old gold: Either made exclusively from recycled old jewelry or a combination or recycled old jewelry with freshly melted raw gold. It’s usually cheaper than new gold.

Fake gold: This arises when the composition of the gold product is different from the expected composition. Gold products are often a combination of pure gold and various other elements.

Heaviness Test

An easy test with reliable outcomes. Drop your selected gold item into a cup of water. Real gold will sink. Whereas, fake metal will float or slowly sink to the bottom.

Liquid Foundation Test

This is one of the most popular ways to test gold. You apply liquid foundation to your forehead and then rub the jewelry across this area. Wait a few seconds to see if there is a reaction. Real gold will leave a black streak in the area.

Buy Your Jewellery from Trusted Brands and Labels

Do your research and search for labels that are authentic in their start-up and passionate about jewelry. Look through reviews and ask for your friend’s opinions on their favorite jewelry labels and you will come across real, beautiful gold.

By Charlotte sells a whole range of authentic 14k gold.

SARAH AND SEBASTIAN include yellow gold and white gold in their collections. Look through their jewelry here: https://www.sarahandsebastian.com.

Natasha Schweitzer is well-known for its signature, gold pieces. Search through their collections here: https://natashaschweitzer.com.

We always recommend treating yourself with real, stunning jewelry. Make sure all your purchases are authentic and complement your style.

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