5 Ways to Give Your Custom Hemp Oil Boxes an Enticing Power

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5 Ways to Make Custom Hemp Oil Boxes Enticing

Do you specialize in the selling of hemp oil? If you are into this business, you must be searching for ways to help your product have a standing power. You don’t need to worry! This article has got your back with some new tips and trends. The trick is to compare your packaging with competitors and ensure you design yours in a captivating manner to help your products put up the best impression in front of buyers.

If you are planning to invest in custom hemp oil boxes, here are five ways you can give them an enticing or appealing power.

1. Give Your Custom Hemp Oil Boxes Unusual Shapes

If you have the budget, this is a must try! To lift your brand, you should give it a unique shape. Having packaging with an unusual shape will give it a unique touch, and leave a memorable impression on onlookers. It will impress people with your company’s creativity and win them over with your product in their hand. Another thing to keep in mind is that unique boxes will appear stunning. With various shapes, you can store the bottles without worrying that they will spill over.


2. Add Taglines on the Panels

This is also a great trend and it works best to give your packaging a unique impression. You can ask the packaging company you choose, such as IMH Packaging to help you add taglines on the side panels of the boxes. There is nothing wrong with this and serves as an effective way to ensure it captures the attention of buyers who come forward to read the boxes.

3. Add Some Unique Images and Symbols

You should feature some unique symbols on the packaging to give buyers a real feel of the product. If you wish to increase your brand recognition, you can build imagery around your brand. This will also set a mental check on consumers and allow them to come back to your products. If you are not sure about this, know that so many competitors use this trick.

4. Give the Boxes Elegant Colors and Finishes

A common sight is to see hemp oil boxes have a dull appearance. However, why not try something new and go for brightly colored boxes? You can choose bright colors, which will definitely stand out on the retail shelf. Of course, you can also use colors to show that the product is oil. Since hemp oil has some really amazing health benefits, you can associate the packaging with mystery, and strength. Furthermore, you can give the hemp oil boxes a great touch by adding special coatings or finishes. The top trend nowadays is to go for matte, glossy, or spot UV coatings. You can also try embossing and gold/silver foiling.

5. Add Some Patterns on the Boxes

Another versatile trend is to add patterns on the custom hemp oil boxes. You can add polka dots, stripes, or ask the packaging and printing company to even add floral prints. For hemp oil boxes, the options are usually unlimited. The best trick is to go for something that will enhance the value of your product. Remember that choosing patterns does not mean you should cover the entire box, you can keep it simple and just add patterns to the side panels or the front panels.

Customizing hemp oil boxes to entice customers is easier if you choose the best packaging and printing company. You can have endless options as well, such as choosing a windowpane style box to attract customers to the product. Just make sure that you explore all the customization options properly.

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