5 Historic Tourist Attractions in Pakistan

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8 · 12 · 17
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Pakistan is the Islamic Republic, situated in South Asia. It has a population exceeding 199 million, which makes it the world’s sixth country with the largest population. Pakistan is a country blessed with rich cultural heritage and an awe-inspiring historic past. Although it has come into the spotlight with serious political problems in recent years, it remains a country blessed with natural beauty and tourist attractions.

Here is a List of Top Tourist Attractions in Pakistan:

Badshahi Mosque (Lahore)

Commissioned by Emperor Aurangzeb (sixth Mughal Emperor), the creation of this grand mosque was historic. It remains an awe-inspiring monument and memory of the great Mughal era and one of the most-visited tourist attractions. The construction was between 1671 and 1673, and it still exudes elegance and demands respect for its artistry and use of expensive materials. Some parts of this mosque have gold painted on its ceilings and at one time, the walls had precious gemstones studded into them. Many say that the architectural design of this mosque is similar to the Jama Masjid in Delhi, which belonged to Aurangzeb’s father – Shah Jehan. When the Sikh army captured the city in 1799, they desecrated the mosque, stripping it off its gemstones and gold.

Saif-ul-Muluk Lake

Located in the northern extremes of Kaghan Valley, Saif-ul-Muluk Lake is a breathtaking site to visit near Naran town. It is one of the highest lakes seen in Pakistan. It formed by glacial moraines, which blocked the waters that pass through the Kaghan Valley. Formation of this valley dates back to 300,000 years. Largely covered in ice, the temperatures here are usually freezing.

There is a folklore, which makes it one of the great tourist’s attractions. The folklore says a Persian Prince named Saif fell in love with the Lake Princess Badr.

A giant pursued them into the cave named after the Giant, in which the prince and princess had hidden. The story says that the giant froze into a statue miraculously, and the prince and princess escaped. Cell phones and torches never work at this site, which remains a mystery. It is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in the country.

Kamran’s Baradari Pavilion

Kamran’s Baradari is famous as a summer pavilion, built by the son of Babur, the first Mughal Emperor. Kamran ceased Lahore after Babur’s death and built his own garden, which became the first Mughal structure ever built in Lahore. The Baradari, which means pavilion, is in Ravi River. At the time of its construction, the waters were several meters away from this structure. By 1849, when the British annexed Punjab, they turned it into a tollhouse where boats crossing the river could stop. The architecture is the main reason for its being among the special tourist’s attractions in Pakistan.

Jahangir’s Tomb

This is a mausoleum, where the great Jahangir lies and one of most important tourist attractions. He was the Mughal Emperor who governed Punjab between 1605 and 1627. The tomb is in Shahdara, Lahore, and is famous as the place where he and his honorable wife, Nur Jahan often met as their favorite spot. Building the tomb took ten years, and it is a belief that the tomb’s design was Nur Jahan’s vision. She also influenced the architecture of the gardens of this monument because she became resident in Lahore after Jahangir’s death.

Mohatta Palace

Situated in Karachi, this remarkable Palace was home to a Hindu Marwari businessperson, who was originally from Rajasthan (India). However, he could not live in this Palace for more than two decades because he left at the time Pakistan got independence. Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta was the creator of the Palace. It is a typical Rajasthani style building built using yellow stone from Gizri and pink Jodhpur stone. The amalgamation of these two materials gave it a distinct appearance in these parts of the country, resembling the Indo-Saracenic architecture.

Legend says that there is a supernatural presence in Mohatta Palace. Guides in the museum say it may be haunted; there are citing of several incidents like moving objects from place to place. Guards say they have ‘felt’ the presence of ghosts and spirits during nights. This is why; tourists do not get permission to go to the top floor of the palace.

When you visit Pakistan, make sure you visit these tourist attractions. Thank you for making time to read this blog. We hope that you found it helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts about it down below. Because we will sincerely appreciate your comments. Do subscribe to our future blogs too.

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