5 First Dates That Are Not a Dinner or a Movie

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5 First Dates That Are Not a Diner or a Movie

There are a lot of ideas floating around the Internet when it comes to dating – what to wear, what to talk, where to go, what to eat and many other such thoughts have good answers on the web. While most of these ideas are useful, the best dates are the ones where you are able to be yourself. Still, every time we plan for a date, we hunt over the Internet for the best ideas of ideal first dates that are not a dinner or a movie.

Ideas of Dates That Are Not a Dinner or a Movie

So to help you turn this first date into a second, here we are giving you 5 easy to go first date tips. Make use of them to hold her interest and not to turn her off. Make an impression that she will want to see you again. In addition, here they are:

Take a Walk in the Park

Date numero uno in the list of ideas for first dates that are not a dinner or a movie is all about conversation and bonding. Sometimes it is a make-it-or-break-it evening. So if all that sitting in a cozy restaurant is a little suffocating for both of you, then why not stroll the streets or take a walk in the park. A picnic date in the middle of nature will give you a lot of time to discuss the things that you both love to do. A walk in a park is a good way to know how compatible your interests are with each other.

Try a Shisha Lounge Instead of a Beer Bar

For most of the teenagers today, a Beer Bar has become a synonym for hanging out. However, the beginning of a new relationship must not start with a booze when you are not even in your full senses. A shisha lounge instead is a better option. If you and your partner have no issues with smoking flavors, then nothing is better than a shisha place in London. A date at shisha bar is ideal for many reasons as it improves your conversation, it is cheap but cheerful and last, but not the least, it is perfect for weeknights. So do not delay your romantic nights to weekends and make your dates memorable at a shisha lounge.

Amusement Park

Here is another great idea for first dates that are not a dinner or a movie. Go to an amusement park no matter small or big. It is all about getting to know the person you are dating. What is their idea of adventure? What are they scared of? What are their favorite foods or snacks? And there is always so much to talk about once you are off to an amusement park. Hence a reason to meet again.

Go for a Brunch

Dining together is a tried and tested way to get to know someone new. So for the first date, why not go for a brunch, instead of dinner? This can be a great idea for first dates that are not a dinner or a movie. A weekend brunch is much more casual and has an easygoing vibe that takes your date on a different track. Having a brunch together means you still have the whole day with you and you can go as long as you want it to and see how much chemistry are there between you both throughout the evening.

Go to a Beach

Regardless of whether you live next to a lake or an ocean, an outdoor date under the sun and on the sand is a comforting experience whether you walk along with your special someone. Get soaked in the shining sun, lie close to the water. When the day comes close an end, take a romantic walk and capture a shot with your partner worthy of sharing on Instagram.

So get ahead with the time and find ideas for first dates that are not a dinner or a movie. Yes, if things go well, you can grab a dinner on date two. However, chances are, you will want to go on another date from our list.

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