5 Easy, Beautiful Ways to Improve the Landscaping on Your Property

Written by Aara Jones
9 · 01 · 21

Landscaping is a critical component of any property. People are innately connected to nature, and they all deserve their privacy, even in an apartment or in a small two-bedroom house. You can enjoy both with proper landscaping.

Yes, adding patio areas, dining areas, and even a swimming pool or hot tub are all part of the landscaping, but more than that, you will want to invest in the right flora to really add beauty and privacy to your home.

1.   Frame Your Property with a Tree Line

One of the best, most natural ways to reduce noise and improve privacy is by investing in a tree line. There are rules you will need to keep in mind that will differ depending on where you live. Just keep those in mind when choosing the trees and bushes in question, and take those requirements to your nearest plant nursery. This way, you can get native species (that are typically more hardy) that fit your requirements and can enjoy a natural frame that dampens noise and improves privacy all at once.

2.   Use Mulch Over Your Plant Beds

Wherever you have plants, without grass or a patio, there should be a plant bed. Unfinished, your plant beds will simply be the dirt between your plants, but this invites a host of issues – most notably, weeds. A great way to add to both the aesthetic of your landscaping, as well as to reduce the issue of weeds growing is to put mulch on top of your plant beds. Recycled mulch, in particular, is great for the plants on your property, as it is an attractive addition to your plant beds and also works to minimize weeds without the use of pesticides. Recycled mulch is very environmentally friendly as well and is created with donated tree trimmings, clean woodchips, stumps, and other wood debris.

3.   Think Vertically

When it comes to designing the space, think about leading lines. Often, when designing an outdoor space, your landscaper will create a blueprint similar to your home, but as your home, this doesn’t take vertical height into consideration. By drawing the eye at different levels with the help of furniture, elevated patio areas, and plant life, you can add interest and diversity to your space easily.

4.   Think Seasonally

You will also want to think seasonally for your landscaping to look awesome all year; especially when it comes to flowering plants. If you get plants that flower all at the same time, then you lose out on color throughout the season. By choosing plants that have varying bloom periods, you can enjoy a rotating effect throughout your yard that adds scent and beauty throughout the seasons. You will also want to plant them throughout your yard to once again draw the eye throughout your yard. This will help you get the most out of your natural space as you can.

5.   Think Weather

When it comes to the materials that you use, the plants you choose, and everything else, you must keep common weather conditions in mind. Choose high-quality water-resistant materials, plants that can handle the most severe weather conditions your area commonly receives, and so on, and you will have a space that can handle real-life conditions year after year.

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