4 Easy Ways to Fix Your Unhappy Marriage

Written by Aara Jones
11 · 24 · 20

All marriages have their ups-and-downs. Unfortunately, there are times where we just can’t seem to free ourselves from feeling unhappy in our relationships. You just wish you could fix your unhappy marriage. Luckily, we’ve gathered four easy ways to help you kick unhappiness out of your marriage:

1.     Date Nights

One way to add happiness back into your marriage is by going on frequent date nights. It can be complex, such as a weekend getaway, or simple, like ordering takeout. Spending quality time with your spouse will help you communicate better. It will help you address any problems you may have, and fix your unhappy marriage.

2.     Therapy Worksheets

Couples therapy worksheets are perfect for couples who are looking to self-diagnose. With just one Google search, you and your spouse can have access to a wide range of worksheets to help you identify and work through any problems within your marriage. Dealing with anything from partner-awareness to self-visualization. Completing these worksheets takes a lot of effort, but when they’re done with an open mind, it can drastically improve your relationship with your spouse.

3.     Counseling

If you have already tried some of the tips mentioned above, it might be time to give marriage counseling a try. Turning to a professional in your time of need can help you and your spouse work through any issues dealing with communication, vulnerability, and even physical intimacy. Most people see counseling as a sign of defeat, but it’s the complete opposite. Counseling can give you and your spouse the tools needed to fix the problems you aren’t able to solve on your own.

4.     Relationship Coaching

Counseling is a great way to turn your marriage’s frown upside down, but it can also get expensive in the long run – especially if you and your spouse are working through deep-rooted problems.

Fortunately, relationship coaching with apps like Relish is available. You can fix your unhappy marriage starting today! With personalized coaching, interactive lesson plans, and public forums, Relish can help you achieve your happiest marriage possible. And the best part of it all? Relish’s yearly subscription can offer the same benefits of long-term counseling for less than the total cost of a SINGLE session. Start your 7-day free trial today.

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