10 Best Places to Travel with a Broken Heart

Written by Aara Jones
10 · 06 · 21

Do you want to break away from the heartache you currently feel? It starts with leaving the environment that brings you pain. Here are 10 of the world’s best places to travel for broken hearts. Read on and take your travel experience to the next level today.

Heartbreaks are mental taboos – we never want to imagine them, talk less of reading about the places to travel after a heartbreak. But heartbreaks are almost inevitable. And if you never get your heart broken by a partner, chances are still high that business, natural disaster, or some sort of failure may cause some heartbreak. While the best dating sites in 2021 can help provide some sort of security as to whom you date, they may not promise you happily ever after. And when the dreaded heartbreak happens, traveling can be an amazing way to get your mind back into shape.

There’s more to traveling than hours spent on the road or a plane. You get to witness the awesomeness of nature and architecture firsthand. You also get to take a break from the environment or events that may remind you of your pain. The best news is you can meet new people that will turn your mood around or even build long-lasting relationships.

So, if you desire to break away from the current pain you feel, get your bags ready because it’s going to be some amazing adventure. Here are the 10 best places to travel to relieve heartbreak.

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

Sounds unreal? Well, it shouldn’t because there are, in fact, two Museums of Broken Relationships in the world. The Museum was created in 2010 by two lovers who broke up after a four-year relationship. The landmark is home to relics of past, unfruitful relationships and failed love attempts. But the most amusing feature of the museum is that it offers everyone a chance to learn from the mistake of others.

Besides, if you’re willing, you can donate relics of your past love if you don’t want them around anymore. It’s definitely one of the best places to travel after a heartbreak.

Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships

Bali, Indonesia

Clearing your head by wading through the waters of Bali should be on everyone’s bucket list. Besides, Bali secures a top spot as one of the cheap places to travel for couples on honeymoon. So, if you think the experiences of other couples will help you land the right partner, moving on from your heartbreak, you’ll get all of that in Bali.

With a calm ambiance, wonderful waterfalls, and superb local food, your solitude can’t go wrong in Bali. The city is sure to keep you spell-bound for days. Who knows? You can start a new life with the prospects Bali offers.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are certainly one of the most beautiful places to visit. The Islands span some thousands of miles across the ancient city and have a wonderful sound to their names. From Corfu to Santorini, there’s a long list of attractive places. Get a calm view of the waters that overlay and mingle with other people who are there on self-love missions.

Unlike many other destinations on this list, the Greek Islands are less crowded and carefully regulated by the government. So, it’s one of the safest places to travel during COVID.

Machu Picchu

If you ever wonder why Machu Picchu is the “Lost City,” you’re only a visit away from discovering the true essence of this landmark. The Machu Picchu is designated a historic sanctuary by UNESCO and is top of the hot places to travel.

Within the Machu Picchu are the hidden lessons of self-discovery and beauty among ruins. The landmark was formerly abandoned by its occupants but is now a world heritage. If you’re feeling down and lonely, The Machu Picchu may just help you find the hidden excellence in your pain.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Mt. Pulag

Looking to get your mind off the past, Mt. Pulag has exactly the atmosphere you need to channel your feelings into exciting physical action. Start off with hiking on one of the world’s most intimidating peaks. Located in the heart of the Philippines, the heights of Mt. Pulag lifts you above the fear, pain, and heartache of the earth’s surface.

If hiking is a goal for you, be sure to put on multiple layers of clothing to prevent the harsh effects of rain and low temperatures. The peak of the mountain makes the list of cool places to travel. There’s inner peace, enjoy solitude, and a breath of new air, new beginnings on Mt. Pulag.

New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is perfectly suited for the most outgoing of individuals. If heartbreak keeps you from expressing yourself to the fullest, New Orleans is perhaps one of the great places to travel in the US. Experience the world of jaw-dropping parties, diverse cultures, and loads of events. New Orleans also boasts of lots of museums where you can document experiences and visit the world of American history.

New Orleans

New Orleans

New York

Having New York on this list is a no-brainer. Notable for being one of the world’s busiest and energetic cosmopolitan areas, New York is the best place to snap out of boredom or heartache. There’s no end to the excitement of the great American City. Perhaps the greatest takeaway from this city is its ability to distract through myriads of entertainment forms. This feature makes it one of the best places to travel with family.

If you are cannot clear your head in a calm, serene atmosphere, who says you can’t party all day at the edge of Times Square? New York is the land of opportunities, especially in the abundance of male and female partners.

Niijima Island

If surfing is your safe space, Niijima Island will offer you loads of that. It’s guaranteed to be one of the best places to travel solo and recuperate. This Japanese island is peaceful, beautiful, and loaded with dozens of activities for tourists. You can go spearfishing, surfing, swimming, or snorkeling, among other activities.

The people of the Island are also beautiful and receptive. There’s no doubt you’ll have an enjoyable time mixing and sharing experiences. In no time, you will have no remembrance of what took you to Niijima Islands in the first place.


Paris is surely one of the most romantic places to travel – but trust us, there’s no greater romance than self-love. Channel all the romantic emotions Paris may make you feel into yourself. Embrace yourself in heights of admiration from Eiffel Tower. Or read the tale of legends who have transcended pain at the Louvre Museum. And if you ever stop getting a taste of the Parisian delicacy, it must be from a full stomach.

If you’ve ever showered your love on someone else, it’s time for you to get paid back. Show yourself the greatest expressions of love on the beautiful streets of Paris.

New Orleans

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Santa Cruz Trek, Peru

The Santa Cruz Trek is an awesome hike trail in Peru famous for its length and fun activity. The Trek has the potential to help you focus and achieve singularity of mind and purpose. The hike is expected to take about four days, with the help of a guide. Being at such a high altitude helps you catch of glimpse of the world below and nature’s beauty.

If you don’t want a hole in your pocket for traveling, Santa Cruz is one of the places to travel on a budget.

Final Thoughts on the 10 Best Places to Travel with a Broken Heart

A broken heart helps you achieve self-love, see yourself in a new light, and appreciate yourself for your innate qualities. So, don’t be afraid to go through it. And when it becomes a burden, simply leave a note at work telling them you’ll be gone for a while, and explore the best places to travel.

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