10 Best Cost-Effective and Unique Plans for Birthdays

Written by Aara Jones
6 · 08 · 19
10 Best Cost-Effective and Unique Plans for Birthdays

A birthday is one of the major events in a person’s life. The celebrations of the day we were born the first start when we were toddlers where our parents find a way to cherish the lasting moments of the addition of a new member in the families. As people grow up, some of them rejoice their birthday while others spent it as any other day. Similarly, we come across instances when the responsibility of planning a birthday for a family member or a best friend is given to us. It is truly a day for birthday wishes for your best friend and celebrating their special day. Our talk today is to help those people plan a lasting birthday party within their price range. The plans for birthdays below are a simple way of having fun with your budget. 

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1.      Theme Party

Plan a theme party according to the preferences of your birthday guest. It can be based on their favorite movie or drama like a game of thrones cake or a tiara for your queen. You can also dress like vampires if they are fans of “vampire diaries.” A theme party can also be a certain event in their life, which was joyful for them as a graduation day or first day on their dream jobs. You and your other friends can also crack certain jokes about the occasion.

2.      Outdoor Venue

If your birthday girl/boy is a nature lover, it will feasible to plan an outdoor birthday party. It can be their preferred water park or a hiking trail where you can plan for a picnic party. This type of party is specifically low in cost as most of the parks for free for public use. Nature lover’s party can also be along riversides, valleys, or forests. If you are creative, you can find a tourist company to organize a small group trip to your loved ones chosen places.

3.      Surprise your loved ones

Surprise parties are one of my top favorites. It is such a memorable moment to see the joy on the face of the person whose birthday is celebrated. It can be closed loop birthday preparation. You can book a restaurant, which sometimes they talk about going. You can do decorations with birthday balloons and flowers of their choice. On a special day, you can just pretend that you do not remember their birthday so they might not be able to speculate about the evening plans for birthdays.

4.      Home cooked Barbeque

This type of party is specifically for the foodies who not only love to eat but get excited about cooking food as well. You can organize a small-scale gathering with barbeque equipment. Make sure that you or any of your friends know how to do a barbeque. On a later stage, the birthday girl/boy can also join in to enjoy cooking and eating together. It is a method, which will be in your budget as you can arrange a barbeque setting even in your garage or lawn.

5.      Arts and Crafts themed party for Kids

When making plans for birthdays for kids, it is always a good idea to have plenty of activities to keep them busy. For that purpose, you can always arrange equipment for arts and crafts like coloring books, paints, and watercolors. The caution here is to take extra arrangements for any paint spills or messy clothing. You can always put sheets on your table to avoid any stains.

6.      Costume Party

Costume parties are enjoyment for not only the chief guest but all the invitees of the party as well. It can be based on a specific event or simply you can wear clothes of her favorite color. For example, it will look surprising fascinating if everyone if the party theme is red or pink.

7.      Romantic Night out for your partner

If you are making plans for birthdays for your spouse or partner, the best option is to have a closed quite evening with all her favorite food, flowers, and wine. Some romantic time out from your busy lives to celebrate the presence of the person you love is always beautiful.

8.      Role Playing Event

People who are drama enthusiasts can create a birthday celebration based on role-playing. It can be a closed group celebration with people pretending to be her favorite characters from movies. You can also mimic the birthday girl/boy in a funny way. This party can also come into the budget with only space in your drawing room and takeout pizza.

9.      Unfulfilled Wish

You can always present your loved ones with something in the gift, which they wished for a long time. Examples can be a trip to France, a skydiving or scuba diving trip. It might be a little be costly but you can always reduce the number of attendees for the occasion.

10.      Photo Party

Photo party is a delight for a selfie queen. You can set up photo booths or prints posters of her beloved photos with you or their families. It is good to refresh old memories and make new ones.

Conclusion on plans for birthdays

 Birthday is a celebration for quality time with your loved ones and friends. Don’t worry if you are not able to plan an outrageous event with event planners and extravagant party accessories because the people who really love and value you will be the happiest even if you do tiniest of things for them.

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