Top 6 Upgrades for a Smarter, More Eco-Friendly Home

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Top 6 Upgrades for a Smarter, More Eco-Friendly Home

Designing an eco-friendly home is more than a trend or a fad. It has become a part of the green mentality that has transformed our lifestyles. Making sure that your home is truly green means more than recycling and behaving an eco-conscious way. It entails implementing some essential upgrades in order to make it truly sustainable. With these top six upgrades, you will be able to colour your home green.

1.     Eco-friendly Paint

Every remodel starts with repainting and the process of turning your home sustainable is no exception. When it comes to colour schemes, you have a world of possible options, but when it comes to paint type, there is only one. You should always choose paints with low or no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), as these are hazardous pollutants that can cause health problems after prolonged exposure. Fortunately, low- and no-VOC paints are currently available as they are very popular. These paints contain no noxious and harmful chemicals, which is a win for both your health and the environment. The use of eco-friendly paint is turning into a norm – support it!

2.     Green Cleaning Products

Unfortunately, paint isn’t the only pollutant that can be found inside a home. We all know that cleaning products aren’t exactly healthy, but not all of us are aware of how toxic the standard cleaning products actually are. They contain high levels of toxic chemicals that can cause indoor air pollution and may have detrimental effects on both your health and the environment. However, there are many green alternatives that are healthier, yet just as effective. You can buy natural and organic cleaning products, but still make sure to check the label when purchasing them. You can also make your own cleaning solutions out of healthy ingredients.

3.     Smart Eco-friendly Home Appliances

If you truly want a smart eco-friendly home, you’re going to need smart appliances. This means digital devices, wireless gadgets and a variety of other technological marvels. But what has this got to do with sustainability? Well, the vast majority of these devices (smart dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines) can learn your preferences, offering maximum energy saving. A smart thermostat, for example, can reduce energy wastage by keeping your home temperature at a stable, appropriate level.

4.     Solar Power

Solar energy is the perfect combination of smart technology and sustainability. If you are wondering whether you should take the leap into renewable energy for your eco-friendly home, don’t think a second more – do it! Investing in solar panels may not be cheap, but it does pay off in the long run and it’s great for the environment. You should research your options and start planning the installation of solar panels to your eco-friendly home. You should make sure to opt for sustainable quality devices such as SMA inverters, an innovative technology that will bring you a high return on investment by reducing your energy bill significantly. These smart inverters can analyse their operation and inform you and the provider of any irregularities, ensuring the best service and functioning.

5.     Sustainable Lighting

The LED and CFL technology is finally turning mainstream and becoming a common feature in homes around the world. These light bulbs are more efficient than the regular, incandescent lighting in every conceivable way. They might be more expensive, but they last longer and will pay off in the long run. They use 25-80% less energy than incandescent bulbs, meaning that they are not only eco-friendlier, but also a great investment.

6.     Greenery

You can’t really go green without greenery and aesthetics aren’t the only reason for this. Introducing more potted or hanging plants and installing stunning green features, such as vertical gardens, will truly enrich and benefit your home. Apart from enhancing your mood and making your home more enjoyable, plants can actually improve the air quality within your eco-friendly home by purifying it from toxins and producing fresh oxygen.

These six upgrades will help your home become greener, healthier, and smarter. In addition, by implementing them in your eco-friendly home, you will protect the environment and save your money!

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