How To Avoid Burnout in Small Business

Whether you’re a student, full-time worker, or entrepreneur, you’ve likely experienced it at some point in your life: burnout. The feeling of exhaustion that comes with overworking yourself, putting too many hours in studying, or staying too long at the office. The human brain, while amazingly capable, is also limited. Sometimes, the sponge gets saturated and there’s simply no more room for anything else.

When we’ve reached the point of burnout, there are negative repercussions for our personal life. Our relationships suffer and our health declines. You may lose motivation and wonder why you set such large ambitions in the first place.

To set yourself up for professional success and a wellness-centered life as a business owner, it’s crucial to recognize signs of burnout so that you can ease off the gas before it’s too late. This infographic from Fundera goes over signs of burnout in every stage of building a small business and provides tips on how to avoid it.

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