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12 · 18 · 17
Amazing Christmas Ideas 2017 | Lifestyle Glitz

The most awaited season of the year is around. Yes! Christmas is just a few weeks away and you must be looking for amazing Christmas ideas 2017. However, before you begin the celebrations you must know the origin and the why Christmas is observed.

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Origins of Christmas

You must be wondering why people celebrate Christmas on 25 December. People celebrate Christmas as a reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ, whom many in Christianity believe to be God’s son. However, no one knows the exact date of birth and year. Presumably, it is somewhere between 2 – 7 BCE/BC. The first ever-recorded date to celebrate Christmas was 25 December in 336. Later, Pop Julius officially declared 25 as the date to celebrate the Christmas.

The name Christmas originated from the word ‘Christ-Mass’ service. People had permission to perform this at the sunset and before the sunrise of the next day. Therefore, it was a celebration people had at midnight and we get the name “Christmas.”

Grand Celebration Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas celebration comes with certain things that all we must do to decorate our homes, like Christmas trees and church. Here is a list of traditional things to make your home look amazing on a special day.

·         Christmas Bells

Lifestyle Glitz - Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas bells or church bells always have a special place for this event. They are not among new Christmas ideas for 2017 but are more of a tradition. As the event begins in the evening, the bells are rung to announce the start of the evening the Christmas. You can have the bell hanging at your door and can ring it to announce the start of the great evening. You can hang the bells on your tree.

·         Christmas Candles

Lifestyle Glitz - Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas candles set the tradition in the churches, as the Jesus called it, “The light of the world.” The most important use of Christmas candles is to lighten up the church. You might be afraid of using a candle for your home décor. Well, no more worries about your favorite décor. Christmas candles are now easily available with secured ways. You can have electric candles on your Christmas trees or can use them in your rooms for the decoration.

There are many other Christmas ideas 2017 is bringing that are worth exploring.

·         Christmas Cards

Lifestyle Glitz - Christmas Ideas 2017

Cards are a special way to show your love for others. The Christmas cards trend in the USA started in the 1840s but they were very expensive. However, the trend of printed cards has shifted to handmade cards. Now you can customize the card for your loved ones and friends and send them the invitation. You can also hang the cards with different Christmas saying on your door to welcome the Santa Clause and your guest.

·         Christmas Christingles

Lifestyle Glitz - Christmas Ideas 2017

Christingles have a special association with the Christmas as it represents different things such as:

  • The orange color shows the world around.
  • The candle stands straight and sheds the light on the world like Jesus.
  • The red symbol around the Christingles shows the blood of Jesus as the sacrifice is made for the world.
  • The sticks pointed out in four directions represents the four seasons.
  • The fruit and nuts on the sticks show the earth’s fruit nourished by sun and rain.

You can have them in your house to spread the message or as symbolic representation of the sacrifices of the Jesus. With these Christmas ideas 2017 will become a good memory as the year ends.

·         Candy Canes

Lifestyle Glitz - Christmas Ideas 2017

You must have Candy canes for the décor on your tree. You can also have them in a jar or hang them with a string in your room. These canes have a symbolic representation of Jesus with the letter “J.” However, the white color represents the purity, and the red stripes show the blood shed by the Jesus on the cross.

·         Christmas Crackers

Lifestyle Glitz - Christmas Ideas 2017

The most fun part of Christmas celebration is the Christmas crackers. You can have them on your dinner table. When your guest will pull out the cracker with a bang, they will be surprised. A colorful party hat, a toy, or any gift will pop out. This is an amazing way to present the gifts to your guest on the Christmas Eve.

I hope this will help you to make your Christmas special this year. When you begin your shopping this year, keep in mind to buy things with the traditional colors such as red, white, green, and gold. These colors have a special significance with the Christmas. Do something different with these Christmas ideas 2017.

Go ahead and make your Christmas the best one ever.

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