6 Fabulous Health Benefits of Edamame

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6 Fabulous Health Benefits of Edamame - Lifestyle Glitz

Edamame is a term that refers to the immature, shelled soybean. For centuries, this plant has been in use in meals across many cultures, especially in Asian countries. That is because the health benefits of edamame are numerous and too great to ignore.

Traditionally, it is harvested when fully develop until cracking out of the shells. People spend soybean for different products rather than a course. For instance milk, miso, soybean sauce and oil, tofu and snack as well. In the case of edamame, its collection is when it is still in the shell or even in the pods.

At this time, the grains inside is far softer than the matured ones. The edamame, on the other hand, is served in a sushi bar, added to soup, stew, or used to make a snack.

With regard to the health benefits of edamame, it contains a large amount of nutrition, namely protein, antioxidants, fiber, and iron. Although there are some controversial about the top most nutrition-rich food, many studies agreed that soybean has incredible health-benefits.

1.    Protein-rich food

Protein is amongst the three main large molecular compounds of the body including protein, lipid, and glucose. The vegetarians should pay special attention to their diet due to the lack of protein intake. In fact, the main food supply for those people is a vegetable, which is a relative shortage of protein except in some case only. In this situation, soybean proves an out-standing source of protein and we should consider it as the fundamental in the diet’s design for those people. According to estimates, a half-cup of edamame contains 11 grams protein, which is as high as meat or milk. In addition to this, soybean’s protein supplies enough essential amino acids for the body, which is in stark contrast with many kinds of vegetables in which the protein is a lack in terms of quality and quantity.

2.    Boost immune system

Edamame composes of some substances, particularly the antioxidant evolving vitamin C and vitamin A. The healthy immune system is crucial for the body as it protects our bodies from the invaders both inside and outside the body. Not only that, the antioxidant substance can keep the body cells from the harmful effects of the free radicals which are generated constantly during the metabolism. It is proved that each half-cup of soybean can provide 10 percent of vitamin C and 8 percent vitamin A in need.

3.    Bone’s health benefits of edamame

Bone is the hard substance in our body, which requires minerals including calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and iron for construction and remaining density. Among the mineral supplement source, soybean should be on the favorite list. It is needless to argue that this bean is rich in calcium and phosphorus, in average each half-cup of soybean can account for four percent of daily calcium’s need. Many studies pointed out that regular consumption of soybean can decrease the risk of osteoporosis significantly. It results in reducing the prevalence of bone fracture among old citizens and women at menopause period.

4.    Blood glucose regulation

Edamame and other bean-family plants are low in carbohydrate in comparison to protein and lipid. Furthermore, it also low level in glyceric acids. After intake, the soybean, the blood-glucose level rises to such a high rate like other glucose-supplement foods. Hence, eating soybean seems to advantage for those who experience the high-blood glucose level like diabetes patients. It is also important in diets in which the amount of carbohydrate is strictly under control.

5.    Heart disease

It is certain that cholesterol and other saturated fats are the major contributing factors of cardiovascular diseases. In this sense, edamame shows great potential in reducing the new incidence as well as morbidity of such diseases. Many investigations into the possibility of soybean in reducing harmful fat indicate that each 47-gram soybean intake could lower 9.3 percent of cholesterol and 12.3 percent of LDL. They also noted that there is a strong link between soybean intake with the lower risk of hypertension, heart attack, and other vascular problems.

6.    Prevent breast cancer

One compound has been found in edamame is called isoflavones has a role to play in this situation. Isoflavone is as plant estrogen. It has a similar structure with female hormone and attaches to the same receptor of estrogen on cell membrane either. This leads to the hypothesis that isoflavones and soybean may raise the prevalence of breast cancer because estrogen relates directly to the development of such disease.

Many studies investigate whether or not there is the relationship between isoflavone intake and a higher risk of breast cancer. The results, however, showed that instead of increase, the higher amount of isoflavon intake seems to lower the development of a neoplasm.

It also pointed out that people the earlier people eat soybean, the smaller percentage of tumor development they have. However, that research still has preliminary outcomes. It cannot give a strong conclusion for the benefits of soybean in preventing breast cancer. Apart from this, there are other health benefits of edamame.

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