12 Cheap Amazon Items for Your Work Desk

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12 Cheap Amazon Items for Your Work Desk - Lifestyle Glitz

Don’t let the drudgery of office routines kill the fun-loving child in you. There are many ways of turning your workspace into a fun and stress-free place. Here are some simple and cheap Amazon items that can help you transform your everyday workstation into a fun and uplifting space. All these items are really affordable and fun to have.

Recommended Cheap Amazon Items

Stress Free Guy Talking Pen

Lifestyle Glitz: cheap Amazon items

This cute little talking pen is an instant mood changer! Press its head and it gives you a happy and cheerful pep talk.

OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan 

Lifestyle Glitz: cheap Amazon items

Sometimes, it can be hard to stay focused and productive at work when the weather is hot and humid. Stay cool and focused at work in hot weather with this portable mini USB desk fan.

Zero Maintenance Live Flower Terrarium

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

Decorating your cube with terrariums is a great way to add some greenery to your workspace. This Celosia Flower Terrarium is affordable, beautiful and does not require much care or maintenance.

Trandpter Colored Marker Pens

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

The coloring is not just for kids anymore. Adults can enjoy it too. Boost your creativity and reduce stress with these vibrant adult coloring pens.

Peleg Design Pinball Foosball Erasers Set

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

Play table foosball anywhere with these adorable foosball pencil erasers. Draw a football pitch, slide these erasers on to your pencil, and enjoy a fun match of foosball with your friends and colleagues at work.

Otto the Otter Tape Dispenser by Streamline

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s useful! Make your everyday taping tasks fun with this adorable otter shaped tape dispenser.

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some cheap Amazon items to help you stay healthy at work? Sometimes drinking eight glasses of water a day can be a real challenge. This fruit-infusing water bottle is a simple and fun way to drink more water every day.

Vecoo Mini Dust Vacuum Cleaner

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

A messy workspace can clutter your mind and block your productivity. Keep your keyboard and desk space free from dirt and crumbs with this handy mini desktop vacuum cleaner.

TTKB.HH Computer/Laptop Monitor Rear View Mirror

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

If you are tired of people sneaking up behind you at work, then there are some effective yet cheap Amazon items to maintain your privacy at work. This amazing cubicle rear view mirror is perfect for those who work in an open cubicle. Simply attach this mirror to your monitor screen and never let anyone sneak up behind you at work again.

Bidason Cube Office Desk Clock

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

Many wonderful, cheap Amazon items can jazz up your workplace. Make your office look more neat and attractive with this simple and handy desk alarm clock.

MoMA Small Perpetual Calendar

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

Keep track of your work schedule and never miss an important date with this mini magnetic perpetual calendar. Move the two magnetic balls of the calendar manually to mark the date and month.

Jac Zagoory Beta Inkless Pen- Black

Lifestyle Glitz - cheap Amazon items

The Beta Inkless Pen created by Jac Zagoory is an affordable and eco-friendly inkless metal pen. The tip of the pen is made of a special metal alloy called Ethergraf. Unlike other pens, this metal pen does not smudge or spill since it does not contain any form of lead or ink.

Having one or at least a couple of these amazing cheap Amazon items can really make the difference between battling out stress and having a fun day at the office. They also make great presents for colleagues and for office parties.

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