Women Are Shaking Up The Tattoo Industry

Tattoo has always been synonymous with men. In the past, most tattoo artists were men. Although women are capable of drawing tattoos, this type of career is more inclined to men. However, everything changed recently when women started standing up and doing what other men can do.

With Gender Equality getting more popular today. A lot of women are claiming that they can also do things that men can do. They started entering the tattoo industry and opened shops in various places to offer tattoo services.

Tattoo Shops in New York

With more and more women entering the tattoo industry, they also started setting up their own tattoo shops. In the past, most of the tattoo shops in New York were owned by men, but recently, a lot of new shops have appeared which are owned and operated by women.

When you usually see tattoo shops, you would realize that they are usually eerie and dark because that’s what most tattoo artists represent. Women tattoo artists changed this as they started opening shops that are completely different from the usual appearance of a tattoo shop.

Acceptance in the Tattoo Industry

Believe it or not, female tattoo artists struggled in the past just to get the recognition that they actually deserve. Tattoos have always been associated with men and if you are a man who is looking for a professional to draw tattoos on your body, you will most likely go to a male artist instead of a woman. Contrary to this stereotype, if you want to get a special effect makeup, you will meet mostly female artists. Though things are changing in this field as well, as the tattoo industry is considered to be male-dominated field, the makeup industry is mostly female-dominated.

If you’ve watched the tattooing competition show, Ink Master, it took about eight seasons just to see a woman actually win the crown. This is the reason why women are not recognized in the tattoo industry.

This is a mistake and many people realized this. Men and women are equal in terms of creativity and skills in arts and you don’t really need any skills in tattooing that only men can do.

How Much Can You Earn from a Tattoo Shop?

Since we are already talking about the tattoo industry and the increasing popularity of female tattoo artists, let’s talk about some real-life issues. If you are going to open a tattoo shop, how much can you actually earn from it?

According to market research from IBISWorld, the annual revenue of the tattoo artists industry is about $1.8 billion in 2020. The good thing is that this is not slowing down and the industry has grown about 5% per year in the past 5 years.

Since Las Vegas is a good spot and a lot of tourists go there every day, having a Las Vegas tattoo shop, will be a good idea for you to earn a lot of money every day depending on how long it would take you to make a normal tattoo.

For instance, if you can have at least 5 transactions every day and the average ticket price is around $100, you can earn as much as $500 to $600 every day. You have to remember that this is just an estimate because there are some artists who ask for a higher ticket price.

How Do Business Women Start a Tattoo Shop?

The question is do you have to be a tattoo artist to start a tattoo shop? No. You just need to have a good business plan and you know a few tattoo artists that you can hire.

Basically, you need the capital for the tattoo shop and the tattoo artists. You also need a good location where the shop would be placed and that’s it. Once you have all three of those, you can start your tattoo shop right away.

If you want your tattoo shop to be successful, you need to bring in more customers so the best way to do this is to advertise your services. The popularity of your tattoo artists will surely be a big factor in this so make sure that you showcase their talent and skills when advertising.

Women empowerment is a very popular movement right now, and women who are entering the tattoo industry are a clear indication that women around the globe are succeeding in their fight against gender equality.

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Jacob Pullman is an enthusiastic and creative writer at Skin Design Tattoo. As a part of the studio, his goal is to spread knowledge about tattoo art.

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