Top 5 Tips to Get Concrete Polishing Job Done Successfully

Written by Aara Jones
11 · 25 · 19
Top 5 Tips to Get Concrete Polishing Job Done Successfully

Among both private and commercial properties, polishing concrete surfaces has gained immense popularity. The lifetime cost and countless possibilities in the field are attracting more customers to opt for polished concrete. It is a fact that without proper polishing, the concrete floor looks dull and monotonous, no matter how durable it is. With concrete polishing, you can achieve different styles based on the aesthetics of the location.

Concrete polishing costs dearly to the property owner, but because of the tough competition, you can avail of the benefits of the process within the budget. The primary key to success and higher durability of your flooring is to get top quality work done. Though it may sound simple, if you want to get a high-quality concrete polishing job done, you have to keep a few points in mind.

Here are the top 5 things that the contractor must do to deliver a successful and high quality polished concrete job.

1. They Should Properly Inspect the Area Before Starting the Job:

There are a lot of variables that can play an essential role in determining the cost of the job. The best way to place the right flooring is to understand what their customer is looking for and identifying the kind of slab they want to work with. If they do not do the inspection properly, the final product that you are going to receive may not match your expectations as a customer. An unsatisfied polishing job done on your concrete surface will lead to damage in the future. Thus, make sure that the experts start with proper inspection and deliver the best possible results.

2. They Should Use the Correct Diamond Tools:

Metal bonds to resins and chemicals and everything that goes in the concrete polishing process will determine how much durability your surface is going to receive. Make sure that the contractors use the right tools and precise amounts of chemicals. They should not waste any product and make sure the tools they are using are of high quality. Using inexpensive tools may look promising cost-wise at the start, but in the long run, they may not give the desired finished to your surface and you may end up getting the job done again and again.

3. They Should Work at The Correct Pace:

If you think that quicker will be better, as you will finish the job early, then you are definitely going to make a huge mistake. You have to be very careful with the speed at which your contractors are going to commence every step at an optimal and prescribed rate. If the instructions ask you to wait for 3 to 6 hours to let the chemicals try, you may need to consider the weather conditions as well to determine how much time you need to wait. If there are low temperatures and higher moisture in the area of your concrete surface, then you will need to leave it for more hours to dry.

4. Dry Polishing:

Polishing is an option, but when they polish dry, you should be able to spot the scratch patterns easily. When the slab is wet, you won’t be able to detect the abnormalities in the slab, which will result in uneven polishing.

5. Consider Inspecting the Scratch Pattern:

At every stage of concrete polishing, you need to factor in the scratch pattern, as it is different and will require special attention. If the scratch pattern is not even, they may have to do the entire area again to make it even.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can quickly improve the look and increase the durability of your concrete polishing job. Always make sure that the contractors inspect your slab before they make any bids. They should not overuse the chemicals and should make sure to use the right tools at the optimal speed. Doing it right from the beginning will also reduce the chances of a customer’s warranty claims.

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